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Aamir Khan expresses his wish to play Krishna in Mahabharata’s film adaptation | – Times of India

Aamir Khan‘s dream project ‘Mahabharata‘ was reported to be in the early planning and ideation phase. It was said to be in the works with a substantial budget of Rs 1000 crore. The ‘PK’ actor has even thought that he will play the character of Lord Krishna in it.
During the Agenda Aaj Tak’s session, Aamir Khan had once expressed that he aspires to bring the Mahabharata to life and it is his dream and nightmare too. Undertaking such a monumental project would consume 20 years of his life. The apprehension remains as criticism arises for his perceived slowness, with concerns voiced about his tendency to invest three years in crafting a single film.
The ‘3 Idiots’ actor revealed that his initial desire was to portray Karna, his favourite character. However, considering his stature as a towering six-foot-five-inch warrior, the actor feels that he may not align perfectly with the role. The actor believes that he would be better suited for the character of Krishna. He also revealed that his mom used to call him Krishna when he was a kid, and like him, he was also surrounded by girls.
Meanwhile, on the work front, Aamir is now gearing up for his next cinematic venture, ‘Sitaare Zameen Par’. The film is said to be a sequel to his box office hit ‘Taare Zameen Par’.

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