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Marry My Husband Review: Park Min Young and Naa In Woo weave a charismatic narrative of revenge, second-chances and deadly deaths | - Times of India

Marry My Husband Review: Park Min Young and Naa In Woo weave a charismatic narrative of revenge, second-chances and deadly deaths | – Times of India

New Year brought along a promising watch in the form of ‘Marry My Husband’, starring Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, and Song Ha Yoon. The saga of revenge culminated with the most mushiest ending this week and we cannot stop raving about the impressive acts dished out by the leads!
What’s the plot?
Adapted from a webtoon, ‘Marry My Husband’ followed the journey of Park Min Young, who plays the role of a terminally ill patient – accidentally murdered by her husband after she catches him romancing her best friend. Rewind to 10 years ago and Park Min Young is born again, as life gives her a second chance to right the wrongs. In her quest to seek revenge from boyfriend, played by Lee Yi Kyung, and childhood bestie played by Song Ha Yoon, Park Min Young joins forces with her boss Naa In Woo, who too has had a rebirth.
Meet the leads that will make you fall in love!
Trust Park Min Young to present a path-breaking act and she never disappoints. From experiencing death to facing betrayal and from humiliation to seeking revenge… the actress presented a deep range of emotions across the 16 episodes. Her act was aptly supported by Naa In Woo, whose cool demeanor and limitless love would make you ship for him!

Villains will make you feel the hate
Lee Yi Kyung’s polarized emotions, ranging from being comical to cruel, deserve a hearty applause. His swift body language and selfish motives were clearly at display throughout the drama. However, it was Song Ha Yoon who took the lion’s share of hate. Her villainous act reached a thundering pinnacle in the finale! Song Ha Yoon sold her bestie down the river without an ounce of guilt and maintained the grisly performance all through the narrative, culminating in a delusional aura. The actress made sure that you hate her, but love her performance!


The second leads brewed the mushiest romances!
Choi Gyu-ri as the bubbly Yoo Hui-yeon won hearts and her love for food resonated beautifully in the story. However, it was just too predictable for her to fall for Chef Baek Eun-ho, played by Lee Gi-kwang. Meanwhile, Ha Do-kwon delivered yet another ace act as Lee Suk-jun, silently playing his part of the tough taskmaster, while being a softie at heart. His muted emotions for Yang Ju-ran, played by Gong Min-jeung, weaved an untold tale of love.


Marry My Husband Review: Abundant plot twists make up for the slow narrative
If you are a sucker for happy endings but still want some deadly plot twists then this drama is right up your alley. Hard hitting performances make up for the drags in the narrative, which gets a bit boring in parts. Scenes of death are convincingly captured, while the curveballs will keep you hooked. The rushed and way too meticulously plotted finale can be ignored for the stunning wedding visuals and the post-marriage journey which was all things dreamy. All in all, ‘Marry My Husband’ is not worth skipping, and the rave ratings the drama fetched, simply validates the love.

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