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'Marvel's X-Men '97' creator Beau De Mayo fired ahead of premiere | English Movie News - Times of India

‘Marvel’s X-Men ’97’ creator Beau De Mayo fired ahead of premiere | English Movie News – Times of India

In a surprising twist, just before the premiere of the highly anticipated Disney+ series “X-Men ’97,” creator Beau DeMayo has been let go from the project. DeMayo, who previously worked on Marvel’s “Moon Knight” and “Blade,” had been busy preparing for the debut of the show, which serves as a continuation of the beloved ’90s Fox Kids series.

DeMayo had already completed writing duties for the second season of “X-Men ’97” and was gearing up for press events and the Hollywood premiere scheduled for March 13. Plans for a potential third season were also being discussed. However, early last week, Marvel suddenly parted ways with DeMayo, deactivating his company email and deleting his Instagram account, which was once a source of updates for the show.
No official reason was given for DeMayo’s firing, and both Marvel and his representatives have remained silent on the matter. The timing of his departure, just days before the show’s debut on March 20, came as a surprise to many in the industry.

DeMayo’s hiring in November 2021 had generated excitement, as he brought his unique perspective as a gay Black man to the project. His personal experiences growing up in the South as the adopted son of white parents with a Korean sister had influenced his approach to the X-Men characters and their struggles for acceptance.

While DeMayo’s social media presence had been notable for sharing updates about “X-Men ’97” and personal posts, it had also faced challenges. In May 2023, he announced the deletion of his Twitter account after facing criticism over the casting of Brazilian actor Gui Agustini as Sunspot.
Despite the setback, “X-Men ’97” continues to generate excitement among fans of the original animated series, which aired from 1992 to 1997. The show, known for introducing a generation of children to the mutant characters, has seen several original voice actors return for the new series. Despite DeMayo’s departure, anticipation remains high for the nostalgic return of the beloved X-Men.

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