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BTS' V amazes fans with muscular transformation during recent surprise appearance | K-pop Movie News - Times of India

BTS’ V amazes fans with muscular transformation during recent surprise appearance | K-pop Movie News – Times of India

BTS member V made an unexpected appearance at the Chuncheon Songam Sports Town during the 2024 K League 1 Round 4 match between Gangwon FC and FC Seoul on March 31. However, it wasn’t just the thrilling soccer action that had netizens buzzing; it was V’s striking physical transformation that stole the spotlight.
Captured in candid images circulating online, V appeared notably bulked-up, showing a newfound muscular physique that left fans in awe.Gone was the slender frame typically associated with the K-pop idol, replaced by a more robust and muscular silhouette that hinted at the rigors of his military service.

As V continues his service with the Army’s 2nd Corps in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, as part of the Military Police Special Task Force, scheduled for discharge on June 10, 2025, fans couldn’t help but marvel at the results of his disciplined routine.
The outpouring of admiration and adoration for V’s newfound rugged charm flooded social media platforms, with one user exclaiming, “SO HOT”, while another marveled, “Why does his face look younger after going to the army though?” Fans couldn’t help but notice V’s muscular physique, with one remarking, “He looks so thick now omg he used to be so slender”.
The outpouring of admiration continued, with one netizen confessing, “I’ve come to like V even more now”. One of the admirers even suggested, “I’m sorry, but can’t he star in a lead for a drama with an army theme or something..? He looks so good”. Another user pondered V’s weight gain, asking, “Didn’t he say he gained weight by about 10 or 20 kg, though? Was all that just muscle weight?”

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