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Here's the truth behind Justin Bieber's 'crying selfies': 'It was about his love for...' | English Movie News - Times of India

Here’s the truth behind Justin Bieber’s ‘crying selfies’: ‘It was about his love for…’ | English Movie News – Times of India

Pop sensation Justin Bieber recently found himself at the center of media speculation following the emergence of his “crying selfies” on social media, triggering concerns among his legion of fans.
The renowned singer caused a stir on Saturday, April 27, as he showcased a vulnerable side by sharing a series of introspective pictures, including touching throwback snapshots.While some images captured relaxed moments from his concerts, it was the two emotional selfies that garnered widespread attention.
In one striking image, Justin Bieber, donning a light green bucket hat and a white zip-up sweatshirt, can be seen with tears welling in his eyes as he gazes into the camera. The other picture depicts tears streaming down his cheek as he furrows his eyebrows, his gaze fixed off to the side. These snapshots ignited fervent discussions among fans, with speculations rife regarding potential issues in his marriage to Hailey Bieber.
Reported by Daily Mail, Bieber’s tearful selfies were captured following a heartfelt prayer session, where he was overcome with intense emotions of gratitude. “The pictures he put up of him crying may have prompted fans to question his wellbeing and whether his marriage is on the rocks – but it was about his love for Jesus,” the source explained.
Far from feeling embarrassed or ashamed, Bieber views his vulnerability as a display of maturity and beauty. His wife, Hailey Bieber, echoed this sentiment by playfully referring to him as a ‘pretty crier’ and later shared a humorous post on her Instagram story, further dispelling any concerns.

Shocking: Justin Bieber & Hailey Bieber’s divorce speculation

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