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Janhvi Kapoor offers guests to stay at Sridevi's Chennai home for free, urges fans 'Please don’t steal anything' | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

Janhvi Kapoor offers guests to stay at Sridevi’s Chennai home for free, urges fans ‘Please don’t steal anything’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

The late Bollywood icon Sridevi, who is known for her timeless performances on screen, had a dream to transform her Chennai seaside home into a luxurious hotel. Now, Airbnb is making this dream a reality through their new ‘Icons’ category, with Sridevi‘s daughter Janhvi Kapoor offering guests the opportunity to stay at the iconic property.
Sridevi acquired the Chennai mansion after her marriage to producer Boney Kapoor.Before her untimely passing in 2018, she envisioned turning the picturesque abode into a hospitality haven. At the launch event, Janhvi Kapoor shared heartfelt memories of the house and her family’s time spent there.
“I remember we’ve spent a lot of mom’s birthdays there, my birthday, dad’s birthday,” Janhvi reminisced. “Towards the end of it, we couldn’t really spend as much time there because we had to refurbish the house. So mom was thinking of doing a lot of things. She wanted to make it a hotel.”


Following Sridevi’s demise, Boney Kapoor took on the task of renovating the mansion as per her vision. “I remember he kept saying, ‘I need to do it for her. I need to do it for her.’ And then when he did up the whole house, and I think we brought in his birthday there, and it was the first time, I think, he tried celebrating his birthday after she passed. I have this vivid memory that after 2-3 years, it was the first time I saw my dad allowing himself to start enjoying himself again,” Janhvi shared.

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The Airbnb General Manager of India, Amanpreet Bajaj, revealed that Sridevi’s home is part of the ‘Icons’ category, where all homes are priced under $100, with some available for free. Interested guests can apply for a golden ticket based on specific criteria, with 4,000 golden tickets available for all icons this year.
“This (Sridevi) home is not available for any price; it’s available for free. People have to apply to get access. In terms of being a guest, based on certain inputs, we would then decide, and they get a golden ticket,” he said at the event.

Regarding security concerns, Janhvi Kapoor expressed trust in both her fans and Airbnb’s credibility. “Please don’t steal anything. See I trust my fans a lot and honestly, I trust Airbnb a lot more, they are known for their credibility,” she said, emphasizing the family’s long-standing desire to share the property with others.

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