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Kareena Kapoor reveals Taimur complains to her about her busy life: 'You are always going to Delhi and Dubai...' | - Times of India

Kareena Kapoor reveals Taimur complains to her about her busy life: ‘You are always going to Delhi and Dubai…’ | – Times of India

Kareena Kapoor, who was recently appointed as UNICEF National Ambassador of India, attended a UN event in Delhi on May 4. She highlighted the challenge of instilling values of respect and equality among children, underscoring the importance of such education for societal progress.
At the UN event, the actress shared personal anecdotes, disclosing that her children, Taimur and Jehangir, expressed a desire to accompany her as they had a holiday.However, balancing her professional commitments, she couldn’t accommodate their request, leading to Taimur’s complaints. Kareena assured him of quality time upon her return, emphasizing the significance of her work alongside family obligations.

Kareena expressed the importance of children witnessing both parents working, fostering respect for their mother’s professional commitments. Despite her sons’ desire for her presence on their holiday, she explained the necessity of fulfilling work obligations. Assuring them of future quality time, she aimed to prevent any feelings of neglect.

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The actress, aged 43, highlighted her son Taimur’s understanding of both parents contributing to the family’s livelihood. She emphasized his recognition of equality between his parents and expressed her desire for him to internalize these values.

Kareena also shared that she and her husband, Saif Ali Khan, are careful about their conversations in front of their children, Taimur and Jehangir. Saif emphasizes the importance of speaking to each other with love, as children often emulate their parents’ behaviour.

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