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Salman Khan firing case: Ex-girlfriend Somy Ali sends wishes to the actor and seeks forgiveness from Bishnoi | - Times of India

Salman Khan firing case: Ex-girlfriend Somy Ali sends wishes to the actor and seeks forgiveness from Bishnoi | – Times of India

Somy Ali, the former Bollywood actress turned activist, has voiced her concern for Salman Khan’s safety amidst the recent shooting incident outside his residence. Renowned for her roles in popular Hindi films during the 90s, Somy Ali now focuses on raising awareness about human trafficking and domestic violence through her organization, No More Tears.In an interview, she candidly addressed the recent events involving Salman Khan and appealed for empathy and understanding.
While talking to Hindustan Times she reflected on her own past and highly-publicized breakup with the Bollywood superstar, she emphasized that despite any personal history, no individual deserves to endure such threats and violence. “I won’t wish upon my enemy what he has been through. All said and done, no one deserves what he went through. My prayers are with him. No matter what has happened, let bygones be bygones,” she remarked, highlighting the importance of compassion and forgiveness.

Addressing the legal implications of the incident, Somy stressed the significance of due process and judicial proceedings. She underlined the universal principle that every individual deserves fair treatment under the law. With faith in both the American and Indian judicial systems, Somy appealed to the Bishnoi community, urging them to forgive Salman Khan for past transgressions and move forward.

In her plea to the Bishnoi community, Somy acknowledged the gravity of the situation while advocating for reconciliation and forgiveness. “I apologize on his behalf (Salman) if he has made a mistake and please forgive him,” said Ali. She recognized the complexities of human nature, acknowledging that mistakes are inevitable but emphasized the need for accountability without resorting to violence. “Taking someone’s life is not acceptable,” she asserted, urging for legal recourse rather than vigilante actions.

As the legal proceedings regarding the shooting incident progress, Somy’s empathetic appeal serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of compassion and comprehension in addressing intricate and delicate circumstances. In a world frequently characterized by strife and hostility, her call for forgiveness and reconciliation stands out as a guiding light, illuminating a path towards a more hopeful and empathetic future.

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