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Ameesha Patel recalls having creative differences with ‘Gadar 2’ director Anil Sharma; claims she semi-ghost-directed the film with Sunny Deol | – Times of India

Ameesha Patel recently discussed her creative disagreements with director Anil Sharma during the filming of Gadar 2. She also revealed that she played a significant, though unofficial, directing role alongside Sunny Deol.
In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Ameesha outlined her terms for joining Gadar 3, reflecting on the creative tensions she and Sunny Deol experienced with director Anil Sharma during the filming of Gadar 2.

Ameesha explained that the journey was challenging, involving extensive editing, re-shooting, and numerous creative discussions and disagreements with the director to ensure the film met the high standards of the Gadar brand.

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The actress clarified that she and Sunny Deol acted as ‘semi-ghost directors’ for the film, as it was veering off course. They worked to steer it back to align with the audience’s expectations for the Gadar brand.
The ‘Gadar’ star further elaborated on the problems she and Sunny Deol faced with Gadar 2, mentioning a lack of balance in their screen presence. She emphasized that if either she or the lead hero had insufficient screen time, the film would lose its unique identity and simply become another movie, not a Gadar film.

Ameesha further stated that if Gadar 3 is developed, the characters Tara and Sakina should have significantly more screen time, matching the depth they had in Gadar: Ek Prem Katha. She also credited her best friend and business partner, Kunal Goomer, with the success of Gadar 2, noting that the film would have been a disaster without his intervention, which alerted Sunny to the initial issues.
Patel revealed that Kunal had to call Sunny Deol to highlight the issues with the film. He advised Sunny to make corrections before the action schedule, prompting Sunny to focus on refining the action, edits, and other aspects to align the film correctly.

She further mentioned that there were numerous disputes due to a hidden agenda with Anil Sharma, who was straying from the elements that made Gadar ‘Gadar.’
Directed by Anil Sharma, the film achieved remarkable success, earning Rs 514 crore in India and cementing its status as an All Time Blockbuster.

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