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8TURN share their love for Indian naan and curry; reveal what makes K-pop a thriving genre

In the thriving and competitive world of K-pop, you are likely to ask whose turn? The answer you are likely to hear is 8TURN. A year since their debut in January 2023 with their album 8TURNRISE, they released two albums, UNCHARTED DRIFT as well as STUNNING, showcasing their musical repertoire and the title track RU-PUM PUM, striking quite a chord with listeners across the world. (Also Read | BTS slips in ranking first time in 5 years as a new K-pop group rises in reputation)

8TURN debuted in January 2023.

Comprising of eight members–Myung Ho, Jae Yun, Min Ho, Yoon Sung, Hae Min, Kyung Min, Yun Gyu and Seung Heon, the boys who celebrate their first year in the music industry, have been overwhelmed with love and support.

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In an exclusive with the Hindustan Times, from Seoul, 8TURN spoke about what it takes to make it in K-pop and their love for Indian food, especially naan and curry.

HT: 8TURN, it’s been one year since your debut. How does it feel, and what’s been your biggest lesson?

Myung Ho: I cannot believe it has been a year already. 2023 was such a wonderful time to be able to have numerous stages and be able to meet TURNING. I will never forget this year! The most valuable lesson that I learned was the importance of and thankfulness that I feel for TURNING!

Kyung Min: I cannot believe that it has been a year already, either! We learned the importance of being able to be on the stage, be humble every time, and the lesson that the result is not important if we tried our best in the situation given!

HT: You are out with your third mini album, which reflects the infinite energy, confidence and coolness of the group as well.

Jae Yun: Yes, the title of our third mini album is STUNNING, so the concept of this album is confidence and coolness. It’s not about trying too hard or copying someone else, but rather showing our true selves as we are, showing confidence and courage as interpreted by 8TURN. Therefore, we are saying that we are “STUNNING” the way we are.

Min Ho: I believe the concept of this album is “To show what it is like to be 8TURN”. For that reason, we tried to convey the message that we can tackle any challenge with conviction and determination that we have while showing the rizz and confidence we hold.

HT: From your trainee days to making your debut, what’s been your biggest challenge and the biggest lesson learnt?

Yoon Sung: Looking back at it now, they were all stepping stones to where I am now, but back then, it was a time of repetitive and endless practice day after day, which made me tired. However, I’ve learned to overcome the tough days and move forward to achieve my goal. I improved not only my skills but also how to live life.

Hae Min: The part I struggled the most was with stamina! However, even when it seemed like my energy was at its limit, I was able to practice a few more times if I pulled myself together. So, I realized that I was stronger than I thought! And felt that I could do it, too!

HT: What do you miss about your trainee days?

Yun Gyu: It was a time when I could focus on practice. When I was a trainee, I could devote all my time to practice. But now, I cannot use all of my time for practice and sometimes miss those trainee periods when I cannot practice as much as I want during the promotion period.

Seung Heon: I miss a routine. After debuting and starting promoting, there are times when I have a hectic lifestyle. So I miss those moments sometimes.

Yoon Sung: K-pop artists often perform as part of a group. Many people like that aspect of K-pop and enjoy group performances, a combination of various voices and diverse music styles. Also, many people tend to like the chemistry between members, and I believe those elements have contributed to the popularity of K-pop.

Hae Min: Many K-pop artists often perform in groups. I believe each member within the group complements and interacts with each other to create more diverse performances and stages. Furthermore, not limited to the music or stage, people also seem to like the chemistry that comes from various aspects within the group.

HT: Also, how challenging is it to set your path in the music industry which is so competitive?

Min Ho: Despite the challenges ahead of us, we will walk our path and try our best to show various aspects of ourselves! Please look forward to our music and performance in the future.

Kyung Min: I want to participate more in the production aspects of the performances and our songs! I think we could convey the message we want to deliver through our songs and performances better if we create the stage ourselves! I also want to make music that brings hope, comfort, and happiness to many people!

HT: Who have been your musical influences? What music band do you admire most?

Myung Ho: We all admire Seventeen the most! Their singing and performance skills are perfect; we admire how in sync they are on stage and the bond between the members. We admire how synchronized they are and their cool teamwork!

Yun Gyu: In terms of vocals, I was inspired by Ed Sheeran. I often tried to copy Ed Sheeran’s style during my trainee period. The group I admire is Seventeen. They are our role model. We’d love to perform in sync, just like they do with all of their members.

HT: When not making music, what do you all like to do?

Seung Heon: I like to watch anime, so I often spend my time watching anime or movies while I am not practising or having a meal.

Jae Yun: I like to stay at home during my free time. I often watch movies or take a nap the whole time.

HT: Are you aware of India? Have you watched Indian films? Do you like Indian food?

Yoon Sung: Recently, we filmed content with people from India and tried Indian food. The food suited my taste so well that I wanted to go and try it myself. Since it’s a country that I’ve never visited before, I’d love to go there and perform for the fans in India and do some sightseeing if we have time!

Hae Min: We had time to get to know about India recently during the content filming! My favourite Indian food is butter chicken curry with naan!!

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