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ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin’s remarks on BTS V resurface after shaman and witchcraft allegations; ‘she was plotting’

The ongoing ADOR vs. HYBE conflict continues to involve BTS, with the group being repeatedly mentioned in the drama. From allegations of copying her for BTS to consulting a shaman about the group’s military service, the viral leaks have stirred up the entire K-pop fandom. On April 25, Min Hee Jin held a press conference to address the accusations, particularly those from HYBE’s chairman and founder, Bang Si Hyuk. However, netizens remain unimpressed, and an old comment by Min Hee Jin about BTS V has resurfaced.

Min Hee Jin faces renewed criticism for past comments on BTS V’s collaboration amid ADOR vs. HYBE conflict.

Min Hee Jin responds to ‘copying her for BTS’ accusations

Min Hee Jin is a prominent figure associated with the rising K-pop group NewJeans. This group is managed by ADOR, a subsidiary of the HYBE label, where Min Hee Jin serves as CEO. HYBE accused her of planning to separate ADOR from the label.

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In the press conference, she said, “Everyone who knows me knows that I have stocks and have received things. The things revealed by HYBE are only to their advantage. To me, they are all false. Why are they calculating things like this? It makes no sense. There are too many things like this. I have never said that ‘BTS copied me.’

Min Hee Jin’s old remark on BTS V

After HYBE revealed that ADOR’s CEO consulted a shaman regarding BTS, netizens searched for her old comments on BTS V and his solo works, which some thought was a sign that she was always not interested in working with BTS. Kim Taehyung released Layover, his solo album, last year. Numerous media sources highlighted how the K-pop idol had approached Min Hee Jin for a collaboration on his solo project, with her contributing to the creative direction of the endeavour.

“I’m nervous, but happy too. This is an album that has my personal preferences. There will be a lot of things to show.” V said at the time. “I prepared it while thinking that ARMY would be happy, so I hope you all look forward to it. You will be able to see solo artist V, which will show a new side and will be different from BTS’s V.” He added in his statement.

Min Hee Jin responds to BTS V’s approach

Soon after, Min Hee Jin released a statement detailing how she was approached for the new project and explaining her initial hesitation before ultimately agreeing to collaborate.

“I received the offer late last year. At first, I hesitated because of scheduling issues, but I was really interested in V’s attitude and passion, as well as his voice since I didn’t really know his voice that well.” She said back in 2023.

“What I want the fans to pay attention to this time is the music itself. I have prepared songs that reflect V’s personal taste but also music that I suggested to him. We focused on music that we wanted to work on and music that we can easily take in, rather than music that is a familiar style. I’ve been very busy, but I think we have a very fun product.” Min Hee Jin added.

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Fans pointed out how her behaviour always appeared ‘uninterested’ when BTS was involved. Many ARMY’s said they never liked the way she talked about the collaboration, saying it was ‘uncomfortable’. Some accused her of ‘plotting’ against BTS from the beginning.

“Btw it always rubbed me wrong how MHJ spoke about helping with Taehyung’s debut, like it was inconvenient for her but she it did anyway bc he impressed her.” A fan wrote on X. Others chimed in, “She was busy orchestrating a coup, but decided to find time for him, how gracious.” “Like???? The fvxking audacity!!!!!! She should feel blessed that he even noticed her !!!!!” “she could hv done us a favor and refused. I dont think it would hv made a difference. Layover is Tae’s.It is an honor to collaborate with a tannie. Tae is otherwordly, elegant, dazzling and his artistry super refined and unique.”

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