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Agust D release a music video for “People Pt.2” featuring IU.

Agust d

The artist, who works as a rapper, singer, producer, dancer, fashion inspiration, and NBA ambassador, is best known as Suga from BTS, but he also goes by the solo stage name Agust D and his real name Min Yoongi. He wants to remind fans that, above all, he is a human.

Agust d and iu

The new song “People Pt.2” with K-pop diva IU is the return of Agust D, the alias Suga utilises while releasing solo projects apart from BTS. It not only serves as the pair’s most recent joint effort after they worked together on “Eight,” which peaked at No. 1 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales list in May 2020, but it also serves as a continuation of “People,” a fan favourite track from Agust D’s D-2 mixtape that was also released that same month. Suga craves interpersonal interaction in Part 2 of “People,” in contrast to the earlier “People,” which saw him self-reflecting and thinking about how others perceive and behave.

Agust D release a music video for

As complex as Suga’s world is, the 30-year-old’s constant loneliness serves as a source of inspiration and curiosity. His call with Billboard takes place with numerous foreign teams who work around the clock for Suga and BIGHIT MUSIC artists, hours before “People Pt.2” is released globally. Some are physically next to him, some electronically over a Zoom connection, but loneliness continues to be the star’s muse, inspiring him to look within and communicate with listeners in more expansive, universal ways.

Agust D release a music video for

Since their debut, BTS has gained a cult following thanks in large part to the septet’s extensive metaphors and imagery, which translate into approachable storytelling combined with cutting-edge compositions and choreography. Suga has a wide variety of material to choose from after producing virtually every album by BTS and collaborating with a who’s who of famous artists, including Halsey, Juice WRLD, Epik High, and Japan’s MI. However, he is now emphasising the subjects that have an impact on him personally and making sure he is adequately heard.

Suga cheekily ends our conversation (“Yeah, it’s f-king busy,” he says with a wink) since he has no time to squander despite having an already jam-packed spring and summer with record promotion, his solo world tour, ambassadorship obligations, and a YouTube series.

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