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Alaina Cross : Singer | Songwriter

Alaina Cross : Pop Artist

Alaina Cross : Singer | Songwriter

Early Life

Alaina Cross is an alternative pop artist and songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. After years of fronting hard rock band The Resolute she released her debut single as a solo artist. After that the powerhouse singer has a brand new song out called “Six Ft,” a dark, haunting pop track that keeps the edge she mastered during her time playing rock music.

Her songs are dedicated to empowering others to find bravery and confidence within themselves. This epic-pop powerhouse’s lyrical style is the perfect mix of vulnerability and strength.Alaina Cross is an also known for her work in Bus Call (2016) and Ben Cyllus: Love Wins (2012).

Alaina Cross : Singer | Songwriter


Her songs have been featured on major networks, such as FOX, CMT, MTV,NBC, and Netflix. And Alaina’s songs have been featured on popular shows like  The CW’s Batwoman, MTV’s Siesta Key, Ex on the Beach and Teen Mom 2, CMT’s Music City, NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, The Biggest Loser, The Titan Games, and Netflix’s Original Series Selling Sunset. While studying music business, Alaina found herself submerged in the creative process more than she expected. While studying for a career in a supportive role in the music industry, an exciting opportunity for her to take center stage presented itself when Alaina was asked to become the face of an alternative rock band.


Her band years greatly developed her stage presence and songwriting abilities that still influence her musical style and performance to this day. During Alaina’s time as a frontwoman, she had the chance to open for iconic alt-rock bands such as Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, P.O.D., May Day Parade, Trapt and We the Kings.

When the band parted ways, Alaina spent the next few years developing herself as a solo artist and searching for her musical identity. This new season brought many doubts that led her to contemplate whether or not she should continue chasing her dreams. During this process, Alaina took note of themes by her favorite musical influences like Imagine Dragons. She noticed a lack of female-led songs with massive and cinematic elements in the industry. Even though this seemed like a huge undertaking, she felt drawn to step into that role and represent women in that musical arena. Now knowing what she wanted to say to the world, Alaina focused her efforts on creating songs to encourage the underdogs.

Alaina Cross : Singer | Songwriter


As heard in Alaina’s early releases like “Backstabber” (which debuted on 11 editorial Spotify playlist) and “Out of My Cage,” her bold lyrics paired with gritty guitars and synths accompanied by hints of orchestral rock illustrate the rising artist’s signature sound.

Alaina’s unique sound seemed to differ from other pop artists on the scene and she struggled to find a community where she fit in. Feeling as if she was being overlooked, Alaina began to journey down other musical paths. After noticing some of her favorite artists’ songs appearing in blockbuster movies and popular TV shows, the dynamic dark pop diva took matters into her own hands by reaching out to local sync companies to explore a different side of the industry, one that she felt was calling her name.

Alaina Cross : Singer | Songwriter

Out of the studio and on stage, Alaina’s impressive range and commanding presence make for a truly captivating performance. The crowd will be able to take note of her hard rock roots while also being drawn in by her sultry presence. With bass drops that will get your heart pounding and lyrics that awaken your inner warrior, audiences will leave ready to grab life by its horns.

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