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Anneprettyness : Beauty Vlogger from Los Angeles California

Hello beautiful people, I’m Anne also known as Anneprettyness through my social media. I'm a Beauty Vlogger from Los Angeles California. Originally I'm Filipino, from Manila, born in Makati Philippines. Although I'm a Physical Therapist by profession, my interest moved me to be a Beauty Content Creator.

I started my Beauty vlogs back in November 2013, where I used to share my reviews about various beauty products. Then soon it became broader, from making video tutorials to now making content as Creative Makeup Looks, High fashion looks at my social media platforms which are also the ones getting the most attention especially on Instagram.

Anneprettyness : Beauty Vlogger from Los Angeles California

My Social Media started to get noticed in 2016 when one of my videos went viral worldwide, it's the Jamsu-Water Dipping Makeup on Instagram (Watch Video)

My accomplishments throughout my journey :

– 💞 In 2020,I won the PopBeauty Pop-Halloween Grand Prize for the year
– 💞I'm the 1est Runner up for Moda Brushes 2020 Halloween contest
– 💞 I also have a viral Tiktok video: "Calling all Gucci Lovers" in 2020 (Watch Tik Tok)
– 💞 I had my own Makeup Seminar in 2019 https://instagram.com/p/B5UKpFRgEnl/ here in Los Angeles Embassy Suites-Hilton with 27 Brand sponsors including : Urban Decay Cosmetics, Laura Mercier, Elemis, Miniso USA, Girlactik, DermaE, Annasui Cosmetics US and Charlotte Tilbury etc.
– 💞I did a Collaboration with Ulta Beauty x Avengers on Instagram in 2019
– 💞I was nominated for the CEW Rising Influencer Awards in 2019
– 💞 I'm the Benefit Cosmetics Brow winner for Influencers contest in 2018

Anneprettyness : Beauty Vlogger from Los Angeles California

Anneprettyness : Beauty Vlogger from Los Angeles California

Anneprettyness : Beauty Vlogger from Los Angeles California

Contact info:
Email : [email protected]
Instagram : https://www.Instagram.com/Anneprettyness
YouTube (English) http://www.youtube.com/Anneprettyness
YouTube (Filipino) : https://www.youtube.com/anneprettyness_ph
Facebook : http://facebook.com/Anneprettynessofficial
Tiktok : https://www.tiktok.com/@Anneprettyness

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