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Back With New Song : Tere Haath by Jaybird

“Love” we’re all familiar with the concept but only some of us are lucky enough to experience it. The new song by Jaybird ‘Tere Haath’ is a tribute to all those who have experienced true and unconditional love. Written and sung by Jaybird with lyricist Manish Lohani, the song is pure bliss to the listeners but the lyrics and the voice is not all, even the music by Vinu S George is exceptionally great.

The Music Video which was exclusively released at 9xm.tv, has already reached more than 5 lac views in a week. The music video proves that love knows no gender, age, race or religion. Love is for all people, everyone deserves to be loved and everyone should be able to be love in their way.

Back With New Song : Tere Haath by Jaybird

Like it’s said – “Everyone needs love, everyone deserves love”.

‘Tere Haath’ is a step forward for our society to accept love as it is ‘UNCONDITIONAL’. The song is a Hindi language romantic song, with beautifully written lyrics, the voice of Jaybird touch listener’s heart like always. Jaybird has been giving us these beautiful songs from the start. Since starting his career in 2012 and starting out with a band as a lead vocalist in 2014, he continued his journey through this musical world. Following his ideology that a person never let any life factor stop his work, he has been reaching everyone’s heart spreading the same thought. He believes his major influencers to be Arijit Singh, Atif Aslam, Papon, A.R. Rahman.

Back With New Song : Tere Haath by Jaybird

But obviously there was no doubt this song would be this good, this isn’t his first track in this genre. Just listening Jaybird’s previous track “Jaane Na Dena ” and his first track ‘Kabhi Pyaar Na Karenge’, it was no doubt that he would rise quicker, more creative and smarter with each release.

If you still haven’t watched the Music Video of ‘Tere Haath’. Watch now by Clicking Here.

Back With New Song : Tere Haath by Jaybird

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