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Vicky Jain On Ankita Lokhande And Mannara Chopra’s Equation: “They Were Friends But Things Took A Bitter Turn”

Images instagrammed by Ankita, Mannara. (courtesy: AnkitaLokhande)

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss 17 contestant Vicky Jain has opened up about his wife, actress Ankita Lokhande’s equation with Mannara Chopra inside the house. Vicky, who had made it to the top 6 in the finale week, was asked to share his thoughts on Ankita’s insecurity. He told Siddharth Kannan, “Woh joh puri conversation ho rahi hoti hai who shayad waise nahi ho rahi hoti hai. Conversation chal rahi hoti hai and uske beech main kahi koi aise cheez a jati hai…Jaise humany 10 lines boli aur usnay ek line poochi…Aur ek meri certain style hogi. Main kuch bhi bol deta hoon. Mainay aise bol dia. [The conservations happening inside the house are not always happening the way you see it. People are talking and all of a sudden a particular statement becomes an issue. We all have a certain style of saying things. Just like me, I have no filter.] You know it’s a casual daily life..” He added, [Aap bhool jatay ho waha camera hai nahi hai. Aap freely baat karte rehtay ho. Aur us samay kai baar humour main,masti main aap bhi aisa keh jatay ho, koi aisa keh jata hai woh sunay main bahut ajeeb lagta hai. But woh ek storyline chal rahi hoti hai toh woh sari cheezay khatam ho jaati hai. [At times you forget that there are cameras. You are talking freely. For fun and humour, people say things that might not feel right.]

Vicky Jain continued, “Toh yeh cheezy hoti thi jaha par koi cheez…Aur tab tak mom log a chukay thay ghar par. Thori si waise situations bhi…Apko partially cheezay pata bhi thi. Aapko partially feedbacks dia ja raha tha. Aapko samaj aata tha oh problem hai. Kuch chal raha hai. Kuch dikh raha ha. Kyun aisa dikh raha hai. Humnay kya galat kard dia. Kya sahi kar dia. Kuch samaj main nahi aata. [While this was happening, our mothers made an appearance on the show We were given feedback. What the audience was saying. After listening to them, we realised that there was a problem. At that point, it becomes really hard to figure out what went wrong.]”

Explaining the scene inside the house, Vicky Jain added, “Aur aap waha par nahi discuss kar patay khulay shabdo main. Aap samjho na agar humay ek limited set up rakha jaye. You expect me to reply with full honesty. But waha par aap puri baat bhi nahi kar saktay. Aap samjhaogay kaise ek dursay ko. [You just can’t discuss your emotions freely. It is a limited set up. How will you make the other person understand it a challenge.]”

Vicky Jain was also asked if he ever tried to make Ankita Lokhanda feel better while she was insecure with Mannara Chopra. He said, “Ankita ne constantly bola bhi hai usko kuch cheezay Mananra chopra k behaviour main galat lagti hai. Manara galat nahi lagti. Usnay yeh kabhi nahi kia ki Manara ho day one se dekha hi nahi. Aisa nahi hai. Unka beech beech main bond bana. Phir bigra. Phir bana. Phir bigra. Aur waha yeh hota hai. Waha kyunki har din nomation hotay hai. Wahi koi relationship constant reh hi nahi sakta. Itnay saray challenges aatay hai uske beech main aapka kuch na kuch change hota hai rehta hai. Toh uske effects aapke game main, aapke soch main, aapke vyaktitva, aapke har cheez main havi hoti rehti hai. But woh competition ki spirit kabhi nahi marti. Toh usmay kai baar aap galat faslay bhi le letay ho. Jiske karan aapko daat parti hai. Aur aap judge kiye jatay ho. Eventually, hum sab shayad woh insaan hai us katheen paristhi main jo ki humay kabhi bahar ki zindagi main dekhne ko kabhi nahi milti. Humay sirf Bigg Boss ke ghar par dekhne milti hai. Toh waha shayad aisa response aa jata hai but woh cheezay us insaan se kisi ko koi problem nahi hai. But us cheez se. Us samay hui aur bolna zaruri hai toh sab ladai, Jhagra. Yeh chalta rehta hai. Point is koi major problem nahi hai. Ankita ko bhi Manara ki chi cheezo se problem thi. [Ankita has also mentioned that she doesn’t like a few aspects of Manara Chopra. It isn’t like that that the two never spoke to each other. They were friends, then things took a bitter turn. After a few days, they fixed the issues and became friends again. And, this continued. There is so much pressure inside the house that it is hard to maintain a relationship with a person. You tend to make mistakes. You are judged too.]”

Ankita Lokhande was in the top 4 of Bigg Boss 17.

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