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Blackswan’s highly-anticipated single, ‘That Karma,’


K-Pop group Blackswan is releasing their highly-anticipated second single, ‘That Karma,’ featuring vocalist Sriya Lenka from Odisha.


Blackswan’s music video for ‘That Karma’ takes place in the bustling streets of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, capturing the city’s historic charm. The sitar melodies in the background add a unique touch to the K-pop beat. The captivating chorus is hard to forget, with the lyrics

“Ooh-ooh wee, that karmaI see the light, brr ta ta ta.”

Blackswan's highly-anticipated single, 'That Karma,'

The MV showcases stunning visuals, fashion choices, and impeccable styling, blending Korean and Indian cultures visually and sonically. The choreography incorporates movements from Indian dances, including Bharatnatyam, and the video is filled with vibrant colors and gulal, creating a colorful spectacle.

Blackswan's highly-anticipated single, 'That Karma,'

song incorporates interesting elements into its instrumental, but it follows certain K-pop tropes that the writer finds annoying. The presence of sing-talk, skittering hi-hats, and a shifting focus makes it difficult for them to fully engage with the track. While the production and performance are commendable, there are no standout moments or musical ideas that entice them to revisit the song.

Blackswan's highly-anticipated single, 'That Karma,'

BLACKSWAN, originally known as Rania, made their debut in 2011 under DR Entertainment. However, they re-debuted in 2020 with a unique and different concept. The group consists of four active non-Korean members: Gabi (Brazilian-German), Nvee (American), Fatou (Senegalese-Belgian), and Sriya (Indian).

Blackswan's highly-anticipated single, 'That Karma,'

Given Sriya’s cultural background, the fans of BLACKSWAN, known as LUMINA, are optimistic that their recent comeback will be seen as a celebration of diverse cultures and a genuine appreciation for different cultural influences, rather than as cultural appropriation.

It appears that BLACKSWAN has undergone numerous member changes, with only leader Fatou remaining from their previous lineup in 2021. This constant rotation of members makes it challenging for fans to develop a strong connection with the group, as they are hesitant to become too attached due to the possibility of more departures. While BLACKSWAN has released some solid songs in the past, they have yet to achieve a breakout hit that could propel their popularity.

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