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BTS’ J-Hope to drop new documentary and OST on THIS Date: Birthday treat for ARMYs

BTS’ J-Hope, fondly known as ARMY’s Sunshine is set to light up the screens again with the upcoming documentary Hope on The Street and melodic original soundtrack album. Could there be a better birthday gift for his fans? This exciting announcement came straight from the heart of the third eldest member of the group, who chose the eve of his birthday, February 18, to share the news. At the stroke of midnight KST, fans were treated to this delightful surprise through the agency’s official statement on X, along with an enticing teaser. It’s a celebration not to be missed!”

BTS’ J-Hope spoke about himself a few years ago.

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BTS’ J-Hope’s new documentary announced

On the eve of his birthday, February 18, BTS’s charismatic J-Hope steals hearts once again by announcing a double treat for ARMYs worldwide. During a recent appearance on fellow bandmate Suga’s talk show, Suchwita, the Arson singer shared some intriguing insights about his upcoming project. As revealed in the teaser, the dance documentary Hope on the Street is set for release in March. This isn’t J-Hope‘s first foray into the world of documentaries; previously, he debuted with his solo documentary, J-Hope in the Box, before temporarily enlisting in the military.

All about J-Hope’s new OST

Surprising fans with an unexpected treat, J-Hope’s OST album is indeed a birthday bonanza. The BTS rapper is gearing up to reveal his latest creation, a six-track OST album, promising an immersive musical journey for listeners. Taking to the official X handle, BTS’ agency wrote, 2024. 03. COMING SOON”

When will J-Hope come back from the military?

J-Hope joined the military in April 2023 and is anticipated to complete his service and return in September 2024. Following him, Suga enlisted in September 2023 and is speculated to return in March 2025. Jin, the eldest member who enlisted initially, is scheduled to conclude his service and return in either June or July of 2024.

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