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Catchy Trap Song : Come To Me by Kaki and Ashour

Kaki (Hema Dangi) and Ashour Ahmed recently released their latest single named ‘Come To Me’ at all the popular audio platforms.

Kaki aka Hema Dangi is an 18 year old Singer-Songwriter and Performer from India. She started her journey in music as an Indian Classical Vocalist. Her lyricism is powerful and inspiring with songs about overcoming darkness, self esteem and some romantic songs.

Catchy Trap Song : Come To Me by Kaki and Ashour

Ashour Ahmed is a London based music producer, session guitarist and mixer, learned at University of West London and having experience in music from more than 12 years. He enjoys making music that sounds different to what’s generally made around.

Catchy Trap Song : Come To Me by Kaki and Ashour

‘Come To Me’ is a catchy trap song, written and sung by Kaki and for which the music is given by Ashour. While the music makes you groove and stick to the beat, the lyrics and composing attracts you and makes you sing along. In the music world where Trap Music is generally mistaken as Dark and heavy, this is a perfect example that trap is much more than that, and can be catchy and fun.

Let’s have a look at the lyrics and the storyline of the song :

When the time’s gonna come you’ll see
The stars will seem a little-little too sweet
You’ll see your do-little heart will blead
Then you’ll come to me, come to me, come to me (X2)

In the song the writer is referring to a person who left her and fell in love with another person, the writer doesn’t believe in relationships and love and tried very much to let the guy understand, but the guy left at last, and she’s now singing the song telling him he’ll regret it and come to her again but then she won’t accept him.

Taken, you waited for a while
Patient, but you lack the desire
You’ll see now I don’t wanna try

 When the devil’s gonna break you free
In your sleep you will think of me
You’ll see your do-little heart will blead
then you’ll come to me, come to me, come to me 

You see’ll the truth of you
Time’s gonna make this true

Catchy Trap Song : Come To Me by Kaki and Ashour

The Music Video for Come To Me will be releasing soon at 9xm.tv

Listen To The Song at :

9xm.tv |Spotify | Anghami  | Apple Music |Amazon

Visit their profile at :


Talentsofworld | Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | Apple Music


Talentsofworld | Instagram | Facebook | Spotify 

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