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Composer – Rapper : Poori A.K.A Pouria Bashari

Pouria Bashari ( in persian : پوریا بشری ) A.K.A “Poori” (in persian : پوری) is an Iranian HipHop Artist, Producer and Rapper. He was born on August 2, 1995 in Gilan, Iran. His field of study was Civil Drawing. Has been working in the field of hip hop since the age of 14 and he has collaborated with many artists so far.

Composer - Rapper : Poori A.K.A Pouria Bashari

He is the founder of pooriwear clothing brand and the founder of Last Kings Studio. In 2010 he started his work in Persian rap music professionally. He has released many tracks so far, track 'Satoori' being the most successful yet.

Composer - Rapper : Poori A.K.A Pouria Bashari

Some of his other popular tracks are :

Ye Kari Kon


Bego Bian

Visit his profile at :

Talentsofworld,Soundcloud, Instagram, Spotify,Apple Music, You Tube, Amazon, Twitter,Telegram

His Official Website : godpoori.com

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