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Dmytro Shurov : Ukrainian Musician

Pianoboy is a music project by an autonomous Ukrainian creator entertainer Dmytro Shurov. The band’s collection remembers tunes for Ukrainian, Russian and English. Dmytro’s melodic reach ranges from calm profound shows with strings symphony to shaking the city squares and featuring greatest celebrations with quality piano-rock. Champ of three Yuna Awards, star judge of “X-Factor – 8” and “X-Factor-9”. In the wake of playing out the greatest demonstration of his life at stuffed Kiev’s Palace Of Sports on March 8-th 2020, he delivered a private and rococo acoustic collection Zabroshka, where all instruments are played by him at his home studio during the quarantine.

Dmytro shurov

Dmytro Shurov: Career

In early 2009, Shurov began work on the opera “The Lion and Leah”, In the process, Shurov came up with the idea of creating his own group. Sister Olga Shurova, assisted him in working on a project called Pianoboy Dmitry Shurov’s first performance as a Pianoboy took place in September 2009 as part of the second Music Fest . After that, Pianoboy performed at the Lilia Litkovskaya collection, opened the week of British cinema with his set and played a concert at the birthday party of Harper ‘s Bazaar magazine in Kyiv.

In November 2009, the first song, Smysla.net, premiered on radio and television, and on December 29, 2009, Pianoboy played its first full-length solo concert in Kyiv, where a music video for the song was also presented.

Dmytro Shurov : Ukrainian Musician

In January 2010, Pianoboy began recording his debut album, and in late February began a club tour of Ukraine .The first members of the band were Shurovy, Lida Tutuola, Andriy Nadolsky and guitarist Oleksandr Druganov . In February 2011, Pianoboy together with the group “Boombox” recorded the song “Floors”. After that, the band began collaborating with Music for the Mass and producer Alexei Sogomonov, who is also the producer of Boombox. In 2011, music videos were recorded for the song “The Witch”, “Weekend”, “Escape” and “Floors” (the latter with “Boombox”).

Dmytro Shurov : Ukrainian Musician

In March 2012, thanks to the song “The Witch”, Pianoboy won the “Opening of the Year” nomination of the “Devil’s Dozen” award of the Russian radio station “Our Radio” .In May 2012, the band released their debut album – “Simple Things” . The album was released by Lavina Music . In August 2012, Pianoboy, along with Boombox and TNMK, recorded a cover of Micah and Jumanji’s song “For You” for a tribute concert, and in January 2013 released a music video for the cover .


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