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DruJefe :Hip Hop | R&B singer

DruJefe is a Hip Hop and R&B singer from San Diego, California. The son of a single mother and the eldest of six siblings, DruJefe listened to melodies and words at a young age to uplift and inspire him through tough times.

At age 8, he became the lead singer in his church choir and often found himself chiming into projects that involved music.

DruJefe :Hip Hop | R&B singer

As a teenager, his entrepreneurial spirit lead him to manage his younger brother and cousin’s music aspirations. However, under the everyday pressure to financially support his mother and siblings, DruJefe strayed from music, got into trouble with the law, and was eventually incarcerated. This turned out to be a very difficult yet enlightening period in his life.

While singing in the dorms, he realized that if he planned to pursue this, he also needed to study the business end of music, which he did.

DruJefe :Hip Hop | R&B singer

In 2017, DruJefe and artist Nino Califonya created the Rap and R&B singles “Right Now”, “Petty”, and “We Know”. In 2018, DruJefe released “Work” and “On Mommas”. On June 21, 2018 “On Mommas” was picked up by San Diego’s Hip Hop and R&B radio station Jammin 95.7 and IHeart media.In 2019, “ On Mommas” was picked up by Atlanta’s Hip Hop N’ R&B 96.7 The Beat and Shade 45. On May 15, 2019, DruJefe is set to also release his first album, which will include new songs such as, “BANG”, “Taxi”, and “Rewind & Reverse”.

1.On Mommas

DruJefe :Hip Hop | R&B singer

2. Work ft Kace, Adonis DaHottest

DruJefe :Hip Hop | R&B singer

3.Right Now

DruJefe :Hip Hop | R&B singer

DruJefe :Hip Hop | R&B singer


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