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Explained: ZEROBASEONE Kim Jiwoong’s controversial video call and ‘cursing’ accusation

K-pop idol ZEROBASEONE Kim Jiwoong faced backlash after a fan shared a video online, accusing him of a ‘bad’ attitude and alleged cursing after a video call. In response, ZEROBASEONE’s management, WAKEONE, addressed the claims through the South Korean press, stating that the accusations are “not true.” The agency issued an extensive statement defending its artist, but netizens remain unconvinced, with the video still going viral as fans closely analyze it.


Why is ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong facing backlash?

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Lately, Kim Jiwoong, a member of the group, faced allegations of using inappropriate language right after concluding a fan call. The incident occurred during a virtual fan meeting, and the fan recorded the episode, sharing it on social media to bring attention to the idol’s behavior. Alongside a brief video clip presented as evidence, the fan raised concerns about his conduct, questioning whether it is ok to conclude a fan call with offensive language that too when fans spend so much just to get a glimpse of their favorite artists.

WAKEONE responds to the accusation

The fan who posted the video later faced backlash from K-netizens and was labeled as a “Saesang” stalker after ZEROBASEONE’s agency, WAKEONE, responded with a lengthy letter. The agency even stated that they would take legal action against those trying to circulate false rumors about their artists. A paragraph from the notice reads, “As for those who have been creating and circulating content containing lies related to our artists, even if it takes time, we will reveal the truth through digital forensics on images, video, and audio. We wish to tell you once again that we will use all means necessary to protect our artist.”

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They further added, “In addition, in the future, we will be taking strong legal action without any compromise or leniency, against those who spread false information and leave malicious comments, so as to prevent similar situations from happening again.”

The response from Kim Jiwoong’s agency gains negative attention

Fans and internet users remained unconvinced by the agency’s statement. Calling out stalkers seemed irrelevant, especially since the incident occurred during a virtual event, leading many to believe that the agency was attempting to deflect attention. Korean K-Pop fans, through online communities like theqoo, started mocking WAKEONE’s response for being vague.

The fan who initially posted the clip later said, “I don’t understand the timing of WAKEONE’s statement about sasaeng break-ins and malicious rumors that has nothing to do with what happened to me. It came right after I shared the clip.”

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