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FJØRA : ”A Haunting artist to Watch”

Alexandra Petkovski, Better know by her stage name, FJØRA is a groundbreaking artist, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Canada.

Called “a haunting artist to watch” by Rolling Stone, Alexandra Petkovski,  Better know by her stage name, FJØRA is a groundbreaking artist, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Canada. As heard in Motherland: Fort Salem with her song, “Twisted Games” & song “Bad Omen” in American Horror Story’s “Double Feature” trailer, her coined genre – “cinematronic” – represents her love of cinematic and electronic music. This can also be heard in Playstation’s video game series “Deathloop” with her theme song, “Déjà Vu” (remixed by Steve Aoki, Future & Madison Beer) & custom music made for Adidas Women’s 2022 Campaign. 

A crude, rule-breaking pop artist who comes to a long ways past the genre for inspiration, FJØRA grew up in Toronto, surrounded by the sounds of jazz, world music, classical compositions, and Hollywood film scores. She obtained her Bachelor and Master of Music Degrees in Composition.
 While in post-grad school for film scoring at NYU, FJØRA decided to focus on creating music professionally within the industry, she draws on that diverse upbringing with WATERCOLOR, her debut EP.

Produced by some of the heaviest hitters in Nashville’s growing pop scene, WATERCOLOR finds FJØRA putting a dramatic, danceable spin on mainstream pop music, mixing her husky vocals with electronic samples, synthesizers, tribal-sounding percussion, and heavy bass. It’s a mix of the digital and the organic, glued together by a songwriter whose background is just as broad as her sound.

“For me, pop music is the synthesis of electronic and acoustic elements,” she says. “It’s the marriage of technology and organic sound. I’ve been on both sides of that divide before, and I think my own music is the combination of the two. It’s a hybrid.”

 FJØRA released her first vocal sample pack, “FJØRA ULTRAVOX” with Splice. She is the voice & composer behind the “Welcome to the Blumhouse” trailer series on Amazon Prime – with a chilling reimagination of Linda Perry’s classic hit “What’s Up?” She is a MASA Award finalist, and Clios Winner. With music heard on FOX, Disney, Freeform, Netflix, songs released on major labels like Trap Nation, Thrive & Universal her journey has only begun. A panelist speaker for TIFF, member of the AWFC, WIFT, CARAS, Friend of the Guild of Music Supervisors and member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada, FJØRA is a force to be reckoned with.


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