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Shah Rukh Khan Heralds Dunki OTT Release With Reference To Korean Boy Band BTS

A still from a video shared on YouTube. (courtesy: NetflixIndia)

Dunkiis finally streaming on Netflix, and King Khan made the most fun announcement video to share the news. In a video shared by Netflix India on their official YouTube channel, Shah Rukh Khan is seen entering an embassy office. He sits down and asks the visa officer to grant him a visa. When questioned about proof of his return to Mumbai and assets in the city, SRK responds with his trademark wit, “Beta, mera ghar sea-facing nahi hai. The sea is Mannat-facing.[Kid, my house doesn’t face the sea. The sea is facing Mannat.]” When asked which country he wants the visa for, the actor replies, “190 countries.” The officer responds with a blunt “impossible.”

Undeterred,SRKexplains that he has influenced every corner of the world. He jokes that his iconic character name ‘Raj’ is so popular in London that every third person is named Raj. “It is the new British-Raj,” King Khan declares. SRK also claims that South Koreans have learnt to love from his movies and sends love to BTS, the hugely popular Korean boy band. He also shares “headlines” that claim that the Statue of Liberty has begun to imitate SRK’s iconic pose.

Despite all his arguments, the officer rejects the visa application. SRK then quips, “Lagta hai aap logo ke ghar Dunki maar ke ana padega.” For context, “Dunki” refers to the donkey route, an illegal way for people to migrate to other nations.

The promo concludes with the actor saying, “So watchDunki.Now streaming in 190 countries. No visa required. None whatsoever.”

Aaj hum sab LUT PUT GAYE!!! Hardy aur uske ullu de patthe aa raha hai Dunki maarne, woh bhi sidha aapke ghar!![Hardy and his gang are coming straight to your house!!]Dunki,now streaming on Netflix!,” reads the caption of the video.

About the film – Shah Rukh Khan and Taapsee Pannu have worked together for the first time in Dunki. Not only that, it is also the first collaboration between SRK and director Rajkumar Hirani. The film’s narrative revolves around a close-knit group of friends and their aspirations to pursue a better life abroad. However, their journey takes a dark turn as they resort to illegal means in pursuit of their dreams. Alongside Shah Rukh Khan and Taapsee Pannu,Dunkifeatures Boman Irani and Vicky Kaushal in significant roles.

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