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G-Eazy on maiden visit to India: I love the spicy green chutney, biryani, dals and chicken curry here

American rapper G-Eazy was left mesmerised by India on his maiden visit here recently. Catching up with us after performing at Bengaluru, New Delhi and most recently in Mumbai, he says, “I was so excited not only to perform but also to get to explore the country for the very first time. It’s a place I’ve wanted to travel to my whole life and I’m just grateful I get to finally go – it’s an added bonus that I got to perform there and do what I love. People used to tell me you have the biggest fanbase here and now I know why. I’ve been fascinated about the culture, the music, the fans, the cuisine.”

Rapper G-Eazy

The No Limit hitmaker adds that considering it was his first time here, he wanted to also gorge on the lip smacking cuisine, “I love the spicy green chutney, the biryani, chicken curry and the dals. I’ve explored local markets and the streets, interacted with some amazing people and it’s been incredible.”

While he has a lot of experience by now of performing live and writing songs, which of his raps does he believe have been the toughest to pen down? G-Eazy takes a pause and replies, “Not the most difficult but I’d say some of the most vulnerable songs I’ve written – Himself, Running Through The Night. It was an emotional rollercoaster writing and recording some of these songs, but it felt important to share. It was about balancing vulnerability with staying true to my artistic vision. It was hard to revisit those dark places and tough opening up like that, but it felt therapeutic.”

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