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Gotta Run : Daniel Cloud’s Song From The Album ‘Knight Walker’

GOTTA RUN from the Album ‘Knight Walker’ , written, produced and directed by Singer Daniel ‘Cloud’ Campos.

Daniel “Cloud” Campos is an American dancer, director, choreographer, singer-songwriter and occasional actor born on May 6, 1983 and raised in San Diego, California and Orlando, Florida who released his song ‘Gotta Run‘ from his album ‘Knight Walker’ on February 22, 2020.

Cloud has directed many creative videos as the video for “BULLET TO THE HEART” and “100 Ways” by Jackson Wang. Once again he has proved his creativity as an Artist in this Music Video as he has writen,directed and edited the video himself, while the beautiful Camera Work is done by Gerald Nonado.

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While the camera shots are taken and directed beautifuly, Cloud’s performance in the video is commendable, those smooth moves, on point hand movements and perfect expressions with the thriller theme makes the viewer remain awestruck.

Lyrics for GOTTA RUN

I gotta Ford Mustang, clean slate
If you need a little muscle (Need a little muscle)
I gotta brain designed like a maze
If you need a little puzzle (Need a little puzzle)
Got some ropes to tie yo’ ass down
If you need a little struggle (Need a little struggle)
And if you don’t like it rough
We can soften it with a little cuddle

[Chorus] Gotta run, gotta meet my friends
Wanna come? Baby, hope right in
And we’re gone

[Verse 2] Uh, I got two salt shakers in the back
If you need a little flavour (Need a little flavour)
I got a whole lotta cash in a bag
If you need a little favour (Need a little favour)
Got a cape with some little whitey Tighties
If you need a little saviour (Need a little saviour)
And if you don’t need ’em now
We can schedule it for a little later (For a little later)

[Chorus] Gotta run, gotta meet my friends
Wanna come? Baby, hop right in
And we’re gone

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Watch the full music video for GOTTA RUN here.

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Listen GOTTA RUN at : Spotify

Visit his profile at :

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