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HYBE denies ‘age restricting’ NewJeans' How Sweet Music Video following massive backlash; ‘we have no…’

HYBE denies ‘age restricting’ NewJeans’ How Sweet Music Video following massive backlash; ‘we have no…’

HYBE makes the headlines again as fans accuse the Korean music label for restricting the accessibility to the official music video of New Jeans’ latest single ‘How Sweet’ on their YouTube channel. It is evident that fans are enraged as they are unable to view the latest content from their beloved Kpop group. New Jeans gained international attention with their tracks such as Attention, Hype Boy, Super Shy. The group joined HYBE in 2019 and debuted with the label’s music subsidiary ADOR. The label is currently embroiled in legal feud with Min Hee Jin, the CEO of ADOR.

Official music video of New Jeans’ latest single restricted in 14 countries

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HYBE accused for restricting New Jeans latest release

Global K-pop group New Jeans recently made their comeback with their new single ‘How Sweet’ and also released an official video for the same on May 24, 2024. However, the video was not accessible to a lot of fans of the South Korean Girl group in many countries and in Korea. Fans took to social media to raise the issue of inaccessibility to the music video and accused The BTS label for age restricting the video. The K-pop agency also faced backlash for allegedly mistreating the members of New Jeans, earlier from Bunnies (official name for fans of New Jeans).


HYBE responds to age-restriction allegations on music video

HYBE announced it has no part in the age restriction of New Jeans’ official MV latest release How Sweet on YouTube on May 27, 2024. According to AllKPop, the company stated that it has no jurisdiction over the restriction of music videos on YouTube. The restriction of music video was an independent decision on YouTube’s part and the label has requested the video streaming platform to look into the matter. The Korean music label company was accused of restricting the music video for New Jeans’ latest single on YouTube in 14 countries including Korea.

As per K-media outlet Ilgan Sports, HYBE explained,”HYBE does not set age restrictions when uploading music videos. YouTube makes that decision on its own. We have requested YouTube to explain why the video has been restricted and to resolve the issue.”


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Similar issues have been reported in the past against HYBE with other artists and fans continue to raise complaints as the problem persists.


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