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Indian Independent Singer-Songwriters Kaki and Jaybird Release Their New Music Video “Rock Your Body”, Proving Music Can’t Be Divided By Genres Or Languages.

Anyone who has been an Indian music lover for a long time would agree that with each decade comes a new kind of music, music that inspires the people of the new generation, unveiling their deepest emotions or just removing the burdens of their life for those three to four minutes. We’ve seen the fusion of styles of Pop, disco, and funk music in the 70s and 80s very much inspired by the West. In the '90s and '00s we saw the rise of Indi-pop and remix culture but in the third decade of the 2000s what do we listen to, in the era where trends change as fast as in a week or two, it seems we’ve stepped out of this game. We listen to everything, we groove to everything, and the boundaries of language don’t seem to matter any more as we go from English to Spanish to Hindi to Tamil just by clicking a button. Well, don’t think for a second that we’ve got nothing new anymore, we’ve still got talent out there, artists of our generation have also evolved and found their own ways to put this multilingual, multicultural identity of theirs in the new music.

On 18th March two Indian Independent Artists, Kaki and Jaybird gave us proof of this with their newly released Music Video “Rock Your Body”, a Pop-Rock song. This energetic dance song blends Hindi and English lyrics and there’s a beautiful use of Indian Classical Syllables known as ‘Bol’ throughout the song.

"'Rock Your Body' is more than just a song; it's a celebration of our dual identities," shares Kaki "I wanted to capture how music is just music, it can’t be divided by genres or languages, if something fits, it fits. I grew up learning Hindustani Classical music but at the same time I loved English Pop Music, just because I loved one didn’t mean I could not love another just as much, in my mind it all meant the same, ‘Music’, music that I liked". Reflecting her thoughts, she created this beautifully energetic song “Rock Your Body” where the most catchy phrase of the song that sticks with you like an earworm is the ‘Bols’ mentioned above, these Indian classical syllables fit with the pop-rock song so well that the singer and her team decided that the song needs more Hindi lyrics and that’s where Jaybird comes into the picture.

Recalling listening to the song for the first time, Jaybird shares “It was an instant yes by me, I loved the song and the idea of me singing the Hindi part was obviously welcomed excitedly.” While the English part was written and composed by Kaki, Jaybird and Manish Lohani penned and composed the Hindi lyrics. The blend of both their energetic and beautiful voices makes the song one of the most creative Indie songs of this year.

Produced by Talentsofworld Production, the Music Video is also shot exceptionally gorgeous, the predominantly black, white, yellow and blue colour palette of the video makes it a treat to watch. Primarily shot at Mahaveer Properties, Udaipur, the Music Video also includes shots of the live event “Melody Of Hope” where Kaki and Jaybird first performed this song with Slumz In Street Dance Crew from Mumbai. This event was organised by Mahaveer Properties, XMLoops TV and 9xm TV and was the biggest Pop Musical Event in Udaipur.

As "Rock Your Body" prepares to make its mark on the global stage, Kaki and Jaybird invite music lovers everywhere to join them on a journey of self-expression and celebration. The music video is available on major video platforms including VEVO, 9XM.TV, XMLOOPS.TV, Apple TV, JioSaavn, Roku TV, Samsung TV, and more.

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