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Ivan Dorn : True pop star for the modern age

Ivan is a very talented Ukrainian artist. He experiments in different genres: pop, funk, hip-hop and electronic music. Once he had won the Russian audience, he switched to the West. His recently released “ODT” album got a prestigious EMA MTV award. His ambition is to conquer American charts, and I think he has a great chance of doing so.

Ivan dorn

He is also active as a DJ, TV presenter and producer, and a former member of the band Para Normalnyh (Пара Нормальных). Since 2010 he has been a solo artist.

Ivan Dorn : True pop star for the modern age

Born in Russia on 17 October 1988, raised in Ukraine, Ivan Dorn is a true pop star for the modern age, an artist with a rather unique biography. At the age of 29 he went from mainstream pop singer to one of the most daring innovators in the Ukrainian and Russian music scene. Dorn brought a much needed freshness and novelty to post-soviet pop scene with his mixture of modern synth pop and IDM spiced with all kinds of worldly beats and rhythms.

Ivan Dorn : True pop star for the modern age

Ivan Dorn’s Music Career

His debut album Co’N’Dorn (2012) included such singles as ‘Stycamen’, ‘Bigudi’. The latter received a nomination for the Muse-TV Awards 2013 in the category ‘Best Song’. And the hipster anthem ‘Solnechnoe siyanie’!

Dorn is one of the few Russian-speaking singers to be noticed by Western critics. The OTD album was recorded in the United States, where the musician brought new confident vibes, a completely different sound and the super-popular Collaba music video, which was released in 2017.

Ivan Dorn : True pop star for the modern age

Stylish and unusual music video and music did not immediately fall in love with old fans of the artist, but it became clear – there is no way back. Ivan is changing – experiments have brought the musician to a completely new corner of reality, from which he boldly broadcasts all the best he saw.

In 2014, Dorn was a judge on the fifth season of X Factor Ukraine and In 2016, Dorn was a coach at The Voice Ukraine. In 2016, Ivan started Masterskaya,an independent music label focused on bringing the exciting sound of Ukrainian underground to the main stage. Out of the blue, the 28-year-old artist moved to Los Angeles to start recording his first English-language album, and quickly found himself inspired by the ocean breeze and palm trees. His US debut album was premiered this spring by a Billboard, available for a listening everywhere now, and with feature a tight selection of tracks that, like Ivan, do not follow the rules.

Ivan Dorn : True pop star for the modern age

In February 2017, Dorn released his first live album “Jazzy Funky Dorn” which reflects his passion to funk music.

Later in 2017, Ivan began working on his first English-language album in Los Angeles. The author of the lyrics of this album was famous former Ukrainian rock musician Sasha Chemerov. In 2017 won MTV EMA 2017 for “Best MTV Russia act”.Dorn did not attend the ceremony, but showed in Instagram that he was happy for his victory. In the end of 2018 he released a track called “Right Wrong” featuring HER’s Victor Solf.

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