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Jagwinder Singh Dhaliwal aka Juggy D: Planning on making a bit more noise this year

Singer Jagwinder Singh Dhaliwal aka Juggy D has packed a lot of peppy music for 2024 with a lot of ‘consistent releases’, as he says there will be a lot of film work as well.

Juggy D has a lot of surprises planned for his fans this year

“This year, I am releasing my own music on my own YouTube channel, which we recently released. I have got a couple of big projects coming out this year, which includes some film stuff also in the pipeline,” Juggy D says.

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The 46-year-old adds, “I will be starting the year with a song release, which will be followed by other singles in February. I have been working in this industry for many years, and worked with a lot of labels. I know that labels have a lot of money to spend, and you get a lot more exposure”.

Explaining his thought, he says, “When you’re putting your hand in your own pocket, sometimes you wish we get to spend on this project, but you have to be realistic. I am a father of three kids. I have to run my family, my household and my children. And then run the business too.”

“So, in sync with that we are planning on making a bit more noise next year. And hopefully, there’ll be more consistent releases,” he adds, stressing that “every year is a big” for him.

“Everyday is a big day. The moment you wake up, it is a big day because God gave you the chance to live another life,” he admits.

The Tere Naal singer is known for popularising Bhangra RnB, and he feels honoured about his legacy.

“It is nice to be known as the pioneers of that genre. Over the last 20 years, there’s been so many songs that have come with that vibe. It’s great music for our culture. Me being here is also crazy and the response that I still get during my live show after 20 years is phenomenal. As an artist, I get more love and respect in India than I do in the UK, even though I’m from the UK. It is crazy, overwhelming and humbling,” he ends.

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  1. British singer Jagwinder Singh Dhaliwal, known as Juggy D, has exciting plans for 2024, promising a series of peppy music releases and some film projects in the pipeline. He will be releasing his music on his own YouTube channel and starting the year with a song release, followed by more singles in February. Juggy D, who popularized Bhangra RnB, acknowledges his role as a pioneer in the genre and is humbled by the continued love and respect he receives from his fans, especially in India. Despite running a family and a business, he aims to make more noise and have consistent releases in the coming year, emphasizing that every day is significant to him. 🎶🎤📆

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