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Know more about Japanese new Artist in Spotlight : Vaundy

Probably the best part of music is its natural hindrance breaking quality to it. Regardless of what one’s identity is, the place where they could reside, for sure they could do, music can in any case enchant them however much their neighbor, making bonds that in any case could never have existed. A similar standard is likewise imparted to language; outstanding models being the ascent of Latin music going into the American music circles alongside Eastern music, for example, K-pop.
These movements are permitting numerous to grow their listening collection, and Japan-based Vaundy is one such craftsman delighting in these new worldwide fans with his most recent delivery “Tokyo Flash.”,Vaundy showcases a smooth and elegant vocal delivery over punchy drums, rubbery bass and a hypnotic, harmonious leading guitar riff, all beautifully complemented by jazzy piano chords.

Know more about Japanese new Artist in Spotlight : Vaundy

Vaundy’s music career

21 years old university student, Vaundy, is a singer / songwriter / producer who not only creates music but also directs the visual aspects of his music including artwork and music videos. He initially began posting his music on YouTube in June 2019 and his recordings have as of now reached more than 9 million perspectives complete in October 2020. His genre-defying music such as “Tokyo Flash” and “FUKA-KOURYOKU” has brought attention to his work on social media which led to his is first ever gig “DAI NINGEN ZENYA” in April 2020, with tickets being sold out in seconds. His vocal captivates the audience in a moment, with lyrics that illustrate scenery of distinctive urban atmosphere, reminiscing of the internal purity of teenage years. He is rapidly growing fandom, with his genre-defying music that portrays his talent.

Know more about Japanese new Artist in Spotlight : Vaundy

With help from artist and animator Kazuo, Vaundy put together the bouncy and jazz-rap inspired effort alongside a minimalistic, animated video on his most recent track, 不可幸力” or “Unusual Power.”

He has three other songs available at the moment, “わかってないよ” or “Don’t Know,” “soramimi” and “pain.” The first one is structured like a traditional J-Pop song, with a pop-ier vocal delivery to boot.“Soramimi” has a catchy Euro-house inspired beat, and “pain” is a softer piano ballad with a rap, almost spoken-word delivery over it.In one of his first public appearances, Vaundy held a small acoustic set in Japan where he sold a couple of CDs.

Know more about Japanese new Artist in Spotlight : Vaundy

In May, “Fukakouryoku” surpassed he first cumulative total of 100 million playbacks .In July of the same year, “napori” also exceeded 100 million playbacks in total . The 12th single “Hana Fortune-telling” was appointed as the theme song of the Sunday drama ” My murderous intention fell in love” , which has been broadcast on the Yomiuri TV and Nippon TV series since July 4 . In addition, Taishi Nakagawa and Yuko Araki , who star in the music video, participated in the music video.In September, ” Reach Beyond the Blue ” was released as an inspiring song for the NHK Taiga drama ” Reach Beyond the Blue Sky “. Both his work were posted on the official drama website with lyrics against the drama story video.


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