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Kpop songs for Valentine’s Day: 12 mushy tunes that will make your heart soar; From EXO’s Let Me In to BSS’ 7PM

There’s no Valentine’s Day without a Kpop Valentine’s playlist. Music always makes everything better. One’s fantasy of starring in a music video on rolling down the car window is always accompanied by good music, and the same goes for all your dreamy thoughts of love. The Kpop love songs listed below will help you live a romantic reality that may not be your own, hitting you in the feels regardless of your relationship status. This playlist doesn’t merely circle the romantic aspect of love but will also cure your loneliness blues and remind you to cherish platonic love and friendship.

EXO’s Let Me In and BSS’ 7PM are the perfect picks for your Kpop Valentine’s playlist.(YouTube)

Kpop songs for Valentine’s Day

Love 119 by RIIZE

As one of RIIZE’s most recent releases, the pop dance track evokes a soundscape reminiscent of an old-school romantic OST. Its sweet piano melody reminds you of a sudden first love overtaking your life, making you feel stuck in a love ‘emergency’.

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7PM by BSS

The SEVENTEEN sub-unit has churned a softie by joining hands with possibly one of the most underrated present-day artists, Peder Elias. Much like how the tune takes flight, the heartwarming track is all about pushing aside your worries after a long day as soon as you embrace a loved one.

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Love Wins All by IU

IU’s ballad masterpiece makes you ache just as much as it soothes a broken heart. Emotional catharsis is inevitable on hearing this epic melody that instantly transports you to a Disney wonderland.

1000 Miles THE NEW SIX

“Never going to stop / Walk a thousand miles with you. THE NEW SIX’s soothing tune is about love becoming a healing balm when the right person walks in. It accentuates the essence of commitment in a relationship, which comes easily when you find someone who can find the best in you, letting you breathe as your true self.

Still With You by Jungkook

The jazzy ballad by BTS‘ youngest member takes a page out of a different book than the usual pop inspirations of the artist. Its rainy soundscape offers the perfect escape to a romantic bubble furnished with Jungkook‘s unbeatable vocals that induce goosebumps.


“No matter how I look like, loving me”. In a world that races after relationships for someone to find their “other half”, FIFTY FIFTY highlights the importance of finding that missing piece in oneself. The synth-pop tune bridges the musical journey from the past generations to the new age.

Let Me In by EXO

EXO’s atmospheric masterclass of a track is a vocal sensation. The slow ballad’s dreamy waves transport you to a melancholic rainy aesthetic; the sense of deep longing highlighted in the vocals is palpable even if you’re unaware of the lyrics.

Finale by Day6

“Please be my finale”. This Japanese single is an uplifting pop-rock track that guides you along a love story that seeks to find its “happy ending”. As opposed to many Day6 songs singing of heartbreaks, this one makes you want to chase your own happy-ever-after, despite how cliche it may sound.

Beautiful by Crush

Not including this classic song from the Goblin OST would’ve been a tragedy. The timeless love song again promises unwavering commitment. Romanticising love as much as possible, it signifies the effervescent goodness of having someone by your side: “If I am with you under the sun / Even just breathing feels good”.

Gravity by Taeyeon

Transferring the meaningful metaphor of gravity to the idea of love, Taeyeon’s song helps you find an anchor in this feeling when you may otherwise feel exhausted by everything around you. While fighting through one’s battles is part of life, having someone by your side definitely helps ease the aching pain.

Like We Just Met by NCT DREAM

Even though this slow Kpop ballad evokes the cliche image of paying homage to the group’s fanbase for sticking with the members through it all, its soft melody has a cushioning effect. Though coming alive in the usual K-pop fashion, its cliche quality offers a sense of affirming security that aligns with many rom-com movies now having become part of a comfort-watch list.

I Got You by TWICE

There’s no need to feel down if you don’t have a Valentine this year. You can always have a Galentine’s Day. TWICE I Got You is a synth-pop single that reminds you of the simple and reassuring wholesomeness of friendships and platonic love. Romantic love may not be by your side, but a good friend will always be there to help you find your way through the toughest journeys.

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