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Late Night Cheers the Rejection of Trump’s Immunity Claim

“And now Trump plans on going to the Supreme Court. And if he loses there, he plans on going to Brazil.” — JIMMY FALLON

“Of course, he will now appeal to the Supreme Court, which is the legal equivalent of, ‘Well, then, I want to speak to your manager.’” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“The Supreme Court hasn’t announced if they’ll hear the case, but Clarence Thomas announced that he’d like an Apple Vision Pro and Super Bowl tickets if they do.” — JIMMY FALLON

“According to a new poll from CNN, a majority of Americans want to see a verdict in the Jan. 6 case before they vote in the election. It’s vitally important that we find out whether the former president did what we all saw him do on television or not.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

The journalist and “Late Show” guest Joy Reid told Stephen Colbert what she learned about courage while researching her new book, “Medgar and Myrlie.”

Sheryl Lee Ralph will discuss the new season of “Abbott Elementary” with Seth Meyers on Wednesday’s “Late Night.”

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