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Lisa Mishra’s Aadat is a reflection of real-life experiences

In singer-songwriter Lisa Mishra’s musical journey, her latest single Aadat emerges as a poignant thread, weaving together a narrative often left unexplored in love stories. Inspired by the desire to present the less glamorous side of relationships, Mishra reflects, “I wanted to write about that because I’ve been that person, we all have been that person at some point.”

Lisa Mishra released her single Aadat recently

With Aadat, she crafts a melody that explores the complexities of love, acknowledging the moments when one becomes the toxic presence in a relationship. This introspective track serves as the vanguard for Mishra’s debut album, Sorry, I’m Late, representing a pivotal moment in her artistic evolution.

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As she embraces the role of a songwriter, Mishra notes, “It’s my first attempt at making everybody pay attention to the fact that I am more than just a singer and more than just a playback.” With this album, Mishra takes the reins of her creative journey, composing and curating a collection of songs that reflect her unique musical identity.

The distinctive musical fusion in Aadat is a testament to Mishra’s commitment to blending East and West seamlessly. Reflecting on this, she says, “You have Hindi lyrics on a very unique American melody and Jersey club production.” This musical experimentation sets Aadat apart from Mishra’s previous Bollywood-oriented works, showcasing her desire to create a sound that resonates with both her Indian and American roots.

Sorry, I’m Late unfolds as a storytelling album, drawing inspiration from real-life experiences. Mishra shares, “I love storytelling albums,” emphasising her decision to present American storytelling that is direct and grounded in real-life experiences. The album, Mishra says, captures the myriad emotions of a woman’s experience, delving into themes of loss, heartbreak, loneliness, anger, and redemption, all narrated through Mishra’s authentic lens.

“The title itself is inspired from the fact that I took so long to put all those stories together and make my first anthology of work. The album becomes a labour of love, a compilation of tales that have been carefully crafted and meticulously woven together,” she says.

As Mishra hopes that Aadat resonates with fans and that the song becomes a mirror reflecting the experiences of her listeners, especially girls, she envisions building a community where audiences connect with the authentic and relatable stories she shares. For Mishra, the melodies in Aadat hold a special place, as she proudly declares before signing off, “I’ve never heard melodies like this. It’s so unique.”

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