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Live it like ‘Arabian Nights’ : New Song by Kaki with DZIA, Audiotrackerz and Ssameer will make you go into a fictional world of your dreams

While everyone seems to be still grooving to Kaki’s previous tracks ‘Lightswitch’ and ‘Be My Heart’, the latest song from Indian singer-songwriter Kaki ‘Arabian Nights’ is ready to take your mind off and take you to as the name suggest Arabian Night’s stories, a fictional world of your dreams.

Live it like ‘Arabian Nights’ : New Song by Kaki with DZIA, Audiotrackerz and Ssameer will make you go into a fictional world of your dreams

‘Arabian Nights’ is a Progressive House Track by Singer/Songwriter Kaki with Music Producer Audiotrackerz and DZIA featuring Ssameer. The lyrics are written together by Kaki and Syed Amir Hussain.

Anyone who’s heard any of Kaki’s music already knows how much she loves experimenting with different styles of music and mixing them to make something magical, ‘Arabian Nights’ is no different and is an exceptional blend of English and Hindi vocals. The voice of Ssameer compliments Kaki’s vocals impressively but this is not all, the beautiful music by DZIA and Audiotrackerz add glory to it and makes it a definite candidate to be added to your playlist.

But is this all to make a song exceptional? No, it’s not, but we still haven’t talked about the lyrics and the music video which was released exclusively at www.9xm.tv on July 20.

The song talks about living your life to the fullest and loving freely, loving everyone and everything, imagining living in an Arabian Night’s story.

The song gives a New Age Vibe which seems very rare in this genre and a beautiful message of loving everything selflessly and without expectations.

Talking about the Music Video, the one word to describe it is ‘enticing’. Shot in desert, the beautiful cast, gorgeous landscapeswith the mesmerising song is can only be described as enticing, the video is eye-catching and makes you just sit down and enjoy it.

Everything aside it was obvious that the song and music video was going to be awesome because it’s not the first time we’ve seen Kaki working with Audiotrackerz or DZIA (a.k.a Won Theory), they’ve collaborated before and the pieces they’ve created already had our expectations high for this one. But this is the first time they’ve all created something together and including Ssameer and this much talent can only mean one thing that the song was going to be amazing.

If you still haven’t heard the song go to kakitv.in and have a listen, comment to let us and them know how much you liked the song.

Watch Video here

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