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Maxim Sachraj: His journey from University to Paris fashion week

Maxim Sachraj, 29, was born in Belarus. He came to Germany at the age of three and lived for many years in Salzwedel, Saxony-Anhalt, and isdefinitely an eye-catcher and has made a lasting impression on Bachelorette Nadine Klein, in a very short time. Maxim is a successful model. Whether for Fashion Week in Milan, Paris, or Berlin – it regularly walks the world’s catwalks. He also keeps his 20.2k followers on Instagram up to date with hot snapshots. But the 29-year-old can do a lot more than just smile at the camera. Not much more is known about his childhood and youth, but his parents seem to play an important role in Maxim’s life because the 29-year-old directs a few emotional lines to them on his personal website-“My parents are my heroes. They made a decision to leave their own family and friends behind to give their child a better future. Thank you, mom, and dad!”

He speaks five languages (German, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese) and has a master’s degree in engineering, which he completed in 2015 at the Ostfalia University in Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony. Maxim has been working in the project planning department at Volkswagen AG in Wolfenbüttel since 2012. However, he only lives there during the week and spends his weekends in Hamburg.
The native Russian finds relaxation from his everyday life in sports and meditation. He also enjoys meeting friends, reading, and laughing as much as he can.

Maxim Sachraj: His journey from University to Paris fashion week

When he was not even 18 years old, the Salzwedeler ran the catwalks of Paris and Milan. His career began with a failure. He says he wanted to apply for the school holiday ticket at the casting in 2006. But missed the deadline by a week, But he was not deterred by this and registered on a model platform on the Internet.
He says an experienced model then wrote to me and asked if I was at Fashion Week. He wrote to me that I should contact his agency, “says the Salzwedel.” I was very lucky that he helped me. Back then I had no idea about modeling, “says Sachraj looking back. Maxim Sachraj then sent photos to the model’s Berlin agency.” They found my face interesting and invited me to a test shoot. His pictures were taken for a card index and my measurements were taken, “explains the young man.
The model completed his first commissioned photoshoot in 2007 for Bravo. There he was on the cover of a Dr. Sommer supplement. “For that, I was ridiculed by some of my classmates,” But then things really started getting exciting. Designers invited him to castings for Fashion Week in Paris and Milan. About a week before the actual shows begin, the mannequins have to present themselves to the designers. For the then 18-year-old, who was in the middle of his Abitur phase, that meant: first to Paris for the casting, then to Milan. In the Italian fashion metropolis, he received the message that Prada had booked him. So back to the French capital.

Maxim Sachraj: His journey from University to Paris fashion week

Maxim Zechraj made his first appearance on the catwalk in Paris. And that in front of 500 guests and for one of the most famous brands in the world. “I was really excited,” admits the 26-year-old.
After the show in Paris, the young man received confirmation that he was also booked for Fashion Week in Milan. In the following months, more modeling jobs came in, for example for the Berlin Fashion Week.

Although Maxim Sachraj missed a lot of school material through modeling in the pre-vocational phase, he graduated from Jahngymnasium in 2007. Community service followed and then came the big question: continue walking the catwalks of this world or start studying? “I am still grateful to my parents today for getting me on my way to university. It was difficult for me to stop modeling at the time,” says the Salzwedeler, who did not accept an assignment during his time at the university. In 2012 the young man did his bachelor’s degree. He wrote the thesis during a six-month stay at Volkswagen in South Africa. He then worked as an engineer at the VW factory in Wolfsburg, while also studying for his master’s degree, which he has had in his pocket since the end of May. “Half a year ago I decided to try modeling again,” explains Salzwedel. The first step towards restarting your career has already been taken.

Maxim Sachraj: His journey from University to Paris fashion week

He had new photos taken. He has also created a Facebook page and was added to their file by a young Hamburg agency upon request. In the coming months, he intends to target other agencies with his new pictures. And if it doesn’t work out, Maxim Sachraj still has his job at VW and also has his own business.

Because he is one of the organizers of the Amila Festival in Salzwedeler Burggarten. “In the coming years, I will choose one of these three paths. I don’t yet know whether it will be modeling, an organizer, or a job at VW,” explains Sachraj. “I have had a strenuous time with my studies and now I am enjoying my freedom for the time being,” he looks ahead and adds: “I advise every young person to pursue their goals, even if they have to take detours. It pays to bear burdens to take. ”




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