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Multi-talented and Versatile : Carol Ann Cooper

CarolAnn Cooper is a multi-talented and versatile singer, dancer, actress and model, who is taking the world by storm. She is pursuing her dreams in entertainment as a positive role model for youth and young adults.

CarolAnn Elizabeth Cooper was born in Margate, FL in 1999 from African American and Dominican parents. She was born into a diverse cultural heritage of music, dance and . At the age of 3 she was already singing, dancing and being a lovable “drama queen.” By 5 she was a full fledged member of her church choir and a child runway model for a Nordstrom Christmas fashion show.

Multi-talented and Versatile : Carol Ann Cooper

Moving to Houston, TX in 2007 was a turning point for CarolAnn. She and her family joined the nation’s largest church, Lakewood Church, and within 2 weeks of joining the Children’s Choir, CarolAnn was lead singing in a worship special in the main sanctuary in front of almost 16,000 people! 

Through the years her vocal range has increased and CarolAnn was featured on 2 CD’s, “KidsLife Worship: Great God” and Michael & Carrie Hodge’s “The Heart of Christmas.” During this time she became a Worship Leader in the church’s “KidsLife Worship Team” which ministers to children from grades Kindergarten to 8th.

Multi-talented and Versatile : Carol Ann Cooper

2013 was another turning point for CarolAnn. She joined the Houston Dance Factory and within 4 months she excelled from a “Level 1” beginner to a “Competition Team” award winner and became an assistant dance coach all at the age of 14!. 

She’s had similar success after joining the Dance Fit Studio School and Competition Team. During this time CarolAnn, who was home schooled, got the acting bug after being so successful in singing and dancing. CarolAnn decided that she wanted to pursue a total package career (singing, dancing, acting and modeling) thus she set her goals to graduate high school early. 

Like her other pursuits, she conquered 4 years of high school in 2 years and graduated in 2014 at the age of 15!

Multi-talented and Versatile : Carol Ann Cooper

2014 and 2015 were not unlike any other year. CarolAnn starred in a number of films, commercials, print ads, dance performances and singing engagements while at the same time enrolling into Lone Star College in which she began her Performing Arts Major in the winter semester of 2015. 

She also joined the Xtreme Level Dance Company, quickly advanced to its “Elite Team” and performed at a Half-Time Show for the NBA’s Houston Rockets!

Multi-talented and Versatile : Carol Ann Cooper

Loved by her family, friends and thousands of followers on her various social media sites, CarolAnn’s star is on the rise. A completely devoted young lady who is destined to make a positive mark in the world of entertainment. There’s no stopping CarolAnn Cooper!

Visit her profile at :

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