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MUTE : Punk Rock Band

MUTE : Punk Rock Band

Fast, technical, and melodic are a few words that the punk rock community uses to describe MUTE. Since 1998, MUTE has been all about playing the music they love.

Fast, technical, and melodic are just a few words that the punk rock community uses to describe MUTE’s music.Since their inception in 1998, MUTE has been all about playing the music they love, without compromise. Marc-Antoine Bastien, Étienne Dionne, Judas Lacroix and Jean-Philippe Lamonde gave MUTE its own signature sound carefully crafted over the years during countless rehearsals and gigs. MUTE has spent the last 19 years taking a 100% DIY approach to bringing its music to the masses.

Born Quebec City, the group members developed their talent by playing covers of bands they liked, before beginning to write their own songs. Blending the various influences of each member has resulted in comparisons to such bands as Craig’s Brother, Satanic Surfers and Lagwagon. Their lyrics speak of personal experiences and sometimes explore social issues. MUTE : Punk Rock Band

The band recorded its first demo in 2000 and an EP entitled Blueprints in 2001 at the Champoux studio in Cap-Rouge. The record drew very enthusiastic reviews from all over the province of Quebec. The band performed many shows to promote the album and have often been praised for their on-stage intensity. MUTE has even shared the stage with such bands as Bad Religion, Millencolin, No Use for A Name, Rise Against, Belvedere, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Bigwig, and their personal heroes, Satanic Surfers.

The band returned to the studio in 2003 to record its first full-length album, Sleepers. It was released by Quebec City’s Milk and Cookies Records in early 2004 and became an instant success among the punk rock community. MUTE’s growing recognition led to several tours across eastern Canada and to appearances on Musique Plus (Quebec’s MTV).

In 2005, MUTE was unexpectedly invited to perform on the entire 1-2-3 Punk Tour with Rise Against. They seized the opportunity and then produced a music video for the song “The Pillar,” which they premiered on “Musique Plus” during a complete show dedicated to the band.

MUTE : Punk Rock Band

Over the next two years, MUTE continued touring and became an important figure of the Canadian punk rock scene. The band gave more than a hundred concerts during this period of time, including a coast to coast Canadian tour, three tours in eastern Canada and of course many shows in the province of Quebec.

In January 2008, MUTE recorded their second album, “The Raven”, with producer Jef Fortin (Neuraxis, Anonymus) at BadAss Studios. The band chose Fortin to produce this record because of his energetic and aggressive sound.

Canada’s skatepunks MUTE announced an online show to celebrate the twelfth anniversary of their album ‘The Raven’ in 2020. On August 8, 2020 the band performEd the whole album front to back for the very first time at L’ANTI in Quebec City.

MUTE : Punk Rock Band

MUTE : Punk Rock Band

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