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Nitin Dubey – an Indian Singer, composer, actor, and lyricist.

Nitin Dubey

Nitin Dubey (conceived 3 July 1981) is an Indian Vocalist, arranger, entertainer, and lyricist. He is better known for his sweet singing and structures in Chhattisgarhi film and has been functioning as a playback vocalist from most recent twenty years.

Nitin Dubey - an Indian Singer, composer, actor, and lyricist.


Nitin Dubey was brought into the world on July 3, 1981, in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, India. He finished his tutoring from Raigarh and moved on from Master Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Chhattisgarh. Since he was youthful, Dubey had an energy for singing. He grew up hearing his mom Kalindi Dubey singing bhajans for the puja. He started singing when he was 7 years of age. He likewise gained tons of useful knowledge from the singing of society music by his dad Paramhans Dubey. Dubey contended in various region and state-level music challenges and rose to notoriety as a youthful performer. He works on singing the melodies of renowned vocalist Kishore Kumar, whom he loves. Gulabram Chauhan, the school’s music educator, coached and showed him the essentials of music during his time in school. Afterward, Dubey started finding out about Ragas, paying attention to prestigious performer’s tapes and perusing books about traditional music.


With the arrival of the collection

With the arrival of the collection “Tain Deewani Fundamental Deewana” in 2001, Nitin Dubey began his singing vocation from this collection. Manmohini He Gaon Ke Goriya was the principal melody sung by Nitin Dubey, and it was trailed by “Ud Ja Re Maina” and “Jawan De Jawan De Mola” in this collection. Dubey from there on started singing for various collections, for example, “Feed Peak Bindiya”, “Tain Mor Prem Deewani,” and “Padosin Turi.” In 2005, Dubey got genuinely necessary prevalence and acknowledgment all through the territory of Chhattisgarh with the arrival of the collection “Roughage Mor Chandni.

In the years 2006 and 2007, he delivered two Chhattisgarhi bhajan Compact discs, “Chandraseni Amar Katha 1” and “Chandraseni Amar Katha 2”. In 2009 and 2010, he further delivered the Hindi bhajan Compact discs “Chalo Shirdi Dham” and “Sancha Hai Maa Ka Darbar”. In 2013, Dubey worked together with notable Bollywood performers Suresh Wadkar and Sadhana Sargam on the collection “Sai Ka Sajda”, which was delivered by the Mumbai-based organization Ultra Music. After the distribution of this Cd, Dubey acquired reputation as a Sai Bhajan vocalist and started performing live and introducing bhajan shows in a few Indian states. A portion of his superhit bhajans are Sai Ka Sajda, Hanuman Chalisa, Tu Sai Bol Re, Tu Bhaj Le Sai Prabhu Ka Naam, Chandraseni Amar Katha, Sancha Hai Ek Tera Howdy Darbar Maa, Gauri Ke Lala, Ganpati Ganraj, Pratham Vandna and Chhattisgarh Ke Chhattis Devi.

Moreover, Nitin Dubey has functioned as a music chief for various movies in the Chhattisgarhi film, including “Mr. Majnu” and “Dil Pardesi Hoge Re.” In the film “Chal Cap Kono Dekh Lihi,” he proceeded as a playback entertainer which was delivered and coordinated by Satish Jain, a notable figure in the Chhattisgarh entertainment world. Dubey has additionally filled in as an entertainer in his melodies and collections. His tunes are watched in numerous nations. He addresses Chhattisgarh culture through his tunes and has credit of performing in excess of 2000 phase shows to his name. Dubey has likewise proceeded as a live vocalist in different state-level live events like Chakradhar Samaroh, Bhoramdev Mahotsav, Rajyotsava Mahotsav, Jajwalyadev Mahotsav, and Kelo Mahotsav. Nitin Dubey has in excess of 7 lakhs endorsers on his YouTube channel. What’s more, he turned into the most bought in artist of Chhattisgarh.

In 2022, Nitin Dubey's name was abused by a nearby craftsman to accumulate more groups for a melodic night coordinated at Tamnar town in Chhattisgarh. One more case was gotten that very year against a neighborhood group that was duping youth by utilizing a phony Nitin Dubey's ID. These posses additionally use Nitin Dubey's program names to gather cash.In 2022, Nitin Dubey's name was abused by a nearby craftsman to accumulate more groups for a melodic night coordinated at Tamnar town in Chhattisgarh.


In 2022, Nitin Dubey’s name was abused by a nearby craftsman to accumulate more groups for a melodic night coordinated at Tamnar town in Chhattisgarh. One more case was gotten that very year against a neighborhood group that was duping youth by utilizing a phony Nitin Dubey’s ID. These posses additionally use Nitin Dubey’s program names to gather cash.

  • Manmohini He Gaon Ke Goriya (2001)
  • Hay Mor Chandni (2005)
  • Hay Re Mor Kochaipan (2019)
  • Tor Bar Mor Dil Bekraar (2019)
  • Ka Tai Roop Nikhare Chandaini (2019)
  • O Jaaneman O Dilruba (2020)
  • Hay Tor Bindiya (2020)
  • Dhire Dhire (2020)
  • Hay Re Tor Kasam (2020)
  • Raigarh Wala Raja (2021)
  • Bachpan Ka Pyar (2021)
  • Chanda Re Reprise (2021)
  • Chandni 2 (2021)
  • Gulmohar (2021)
  • Dhadkan Ke Saaz (2021)
  • Barbad Kar Dehe Mola (2021)
  • Mata De Turi (2022)
  • Hay Re Mor Mungakadi (2022)
  • Dil Ke Dhadkan (2022)
  • Naach Mor Jaan (2022)
  • Tor Barat Lahun (2022)
  • Hay Re Mor Neelpari (2022)
  • Dil De De Durugwali (2022)
  • Barbad 2 Tain Mola Bhul Ja (2022)
  • Gonda Tola Re (2023)

Nitin Dubey - an Indian Singer, composer, actor, and lyricist.


  • Kelo Dharohar Samman (2023)
  • Chhattisgarh Melody King Award (2022)
  • Sai Aradhna Samman Award (2017)
  • Kala Anmol Ratna Award (2009)
  • Maati Ratna Award (2008)

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