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Noize MC : One of the most unique artistic voices in Russia

Together with his band, Alekseev manages to create some of the most colorful, groovy, energetic and smart Russian hip out there.

Ivan Alekseandrovich Alekseev was born on March 9, 1985 in Yartsevo , Smolensk Region, better known by his stage name Noize MC , is a Russian musician , rap-rock performer.

He’s one the most famous russian freestylers known for his tongue-in-cheek lyrics. In 2003 he founded a band called “Protivo Gunz” which later became a full live line-up of his every show. However having two names was inconvenient, so after signing a record deal the name “Protivo Gunz” was dropped and “Noize MC” became a full rap-rock/punk rap band.

Together with his band, Alekseev manages to create some of the most colorful, groovy, energetic and smart Russian hip hop out there, continuously raising creative stakes for himself—all while outwitting ultraconservative provocateurs and government censors who want him to shut his mouth. This is one of the most unique artistic voices in Russia—and now it is the time for the world to listen.

Noize MC’s Early Life

Ivan Alekseev (Noize MC) was born on March 9, 1985 in the small town of Yartsevo, located in the Smolensk region. The father of the performer was associated with art, studied music, and his mother worked at a chemical enterprise. At the age of nine, Ivan survived the divorce of his parents and wrote his first poems. The first musical hobbies appeared at the age of ten, then Ivan Alekseev entered the local music school (classical guitar class). In 1997, he moved to Belgorod with his mother. It was there that the performer received his first awards in the musical sphere – in 1998 and 2000 at the competition of performers in the class of classical guitar.

Ivan took his first steps to create his own group at the age of 13, having independently assembled a musical group. At age 15, the musician joins Rychigy Mashyn as a bass player and backing vocalist. According to Ivan himself, the Prodigy group, popular in those years, had a huge influence on the style of his work. The Diesel Power track prompted Noize MC to write rap. Later, together with a classmate, Ivan Alekseev created the Face2Face group, popular on the Internet.


Noize MC became the first Russian rapper signed by a major label—it was Universal Music, and they soon peacefully parted, because, naturally, Alekseev craved for more creative independence. He became a festival headliner and a movie star. With every new project, he pushed himself farther, collaborating with rock stars and even releasing a dystopian sci-fi novel written by Noize MC drummer together with his second album (which, of course, had multiple references to the book).

 With each release, he and his crew became better in production, seamlessly and craftily merging genres, being able to equally satisfyingly express love, grief, outrage and teenage angst. He toured all around former Soviet countries. He entered the Forbes list of the wealthiest Russian artists. He released a 360-degrees music video. He received multiple awards. And he was repeatedly willing to put all of this on the line to speak out loud about injustice.

Noize MC


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