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O Torvald : Face of New Ukrainian Music

O. Torvald is a Ukrainian musical crew shaped in 2005 and has become one of the best gatherings in their country. They delivered their first collection in 2008 and have participated in numerous live performances close by such notable goes about as Linkin Park, Garbage and Evanescence.

O torvald

O Torvald’s Career

They addressed Ukraine on home ground at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev with the tune Time, where in an inversion from the country’s triumph the earlier year, they completed in 24th spot.

O Torvald : Face of New Ukrainian Music

Its an obvious fact that, in light of the fact that the opposition is communicated on TV, the Ukrainian phase of determination is frequently utilized by entertainers to show their music to an exceptionally wide crowd. O.Torvald was obviously mindful of the potential and selected in. Their lackluster display at Eurovision, notwithstanding (the gathering wound up in 24th spot), pulled in analysis, which additionally, influenced their collection Bisaidy delivered just months after the fact.

O Torvald : Face of New Ukrainian Music

As crowds’ underlying adoration for the neighborhood rockers reduced, while clashes inside the actual gathering were on the ascent, O.Torvald declared it was the ideal opportunity for a break. Many expected this was it. Then, at that point, along came Hebi. With another drummer and new excitement infused into the Poltava locals, another collection has showed up, with their first singles promising an uproarious return.

“The new collection is an upheaval of character, a dissent against the processions of falsehoods and ridiculousness, simultaneously, it is earnestness of the spirit and transparency of the heart,” says the gathering.

O Torvald : Face of New Ukrainian Music

Creating the album in two parts, the first part of Diller Kaifu is a scream. Staying true to the beat, the music is a return to the origins of rock and roll. The second part is a deep breath and exhale. It is lighter, a mixture of drive and buzz.

O Torvald : Face of New Ukrainian Music

Diller Kaifu by genre is alternative rock with powerful riffs and melodies and mixtures of electronic music, but it sounds much meaner, more powerful, heavier. Probably because all the emotions of this difficult period found a way through the creative process and out into the songs. With this album, O.Torvald could safely claim to the title of the country’s main rock band. They are rockers singing about the serious things Ukraine is facing.

O Torvald : Face of New Ukrainian Music


  • Yevhen Halych – vocals, guitar
  • Denys Myzyuk – guitar, backing vocals
  • Eugene Ilyin – bass
  • Mykola Rayda – piano, DJ


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