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Official Song ‘ ACE ‘ : by Singer-Songwriter Kaki and Dj Audiotrackerz

An Official Song written and sung by KAKI and Music By AUDIOTRACKERZ with the Production of Talentsofworld.

‘THE ACE’ is an Official Song which is written and sung by KAKI, for which the music is produced by DJ AUDIOTRACKERZ with the Production of TALENTSOFWORLD PRODUCTION.

The Official Music Video for ‘The Ace’ was released on February 8, 2020 , which reached over 1.4 million views and 28k likes at 9xm.tv .

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This young Mauritian who started as a bed producer in 2015 is one of the upcoming talented DJ/producers of this time and he’s back with his new banger almost every week. And his melodic chords and uplifting melody are building up to an impeccable drop with hard kicks and catchy synths. His tunes are destined to fill the clubs and make everybody jump at anytime!

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Kaki is a 17 year old Singer-Songwriter from Udaipur, India who is singing from last eight years. She Started with Indian Classical, then developed while singing English, Punjabi and Bollywood songs. She has gained a lot of popularity in her early stage and comes with a new song every one or two months.Screenshot 2020 05 20 at 120030 AM

This song boots the Self Esteem of a person and reply to the haters. As the lyrics clearly goes :

Mistook as an Innocent
Checked but my act’s clean
Ehnu ki pata je mein han
Ace not a pussy Queen
Wakhra kamaal na han loka di gulaam
Mundeya de aage piche
Firna na mera kaam

Wanna be like me, bitch
Times running Tik-Tok
Juth Diya raha’n
Well I’m standing like a big rock
Todeya karo si mein vi jodti raha
Lakh kateya de vich fool kilhna

Pick up on beat
’cause I’m standing on my feet now
Fumble on a mumble rap or stickin’ up to your Desi song
 Fight me baby come up

Jaan ve Jaan tenu figure da gumaan hain
Hunar ki hai jane na kari na bakhaan, hey

Give me a minute baby, Give me I’m worth it
First class diya’n gallan
First Class mera kaam hai

Jaan ve jaan log ki kehna yeh vi socha mein
Soch ke Soch marjana ek din

This song’s a cliché, but I’m talking about the truth now
Truth is a word which (is a) synonym to my words now
My words are my daggor, when you take me as a minor
Your God’s my trainor, Aha

Jaan ve jaan log ki kehna yeh vi socha mein
Soch ke Soch marjana ek din ,Socha mein mere bare
Soche tu tere bare

When I quit the race, Ace takes it place

Pick up on beat
’cause I’m standing on my feet now
Fumble on a mumble rap or stickin’ up to your Desi song
Leave the gun down or pull up the trigger
When you’ve got the guts to face me, fight me baby come up

I’m the only one to count on me and trust me it’s great
I give up on your expectations not a poor slave
I conquer with my heart and trust is what I crave
You can play and lie with me
I’ll enlighten myself

Some very speacial meaning behind the lines to note are how it is named Ace and in the first verse it says she is not a queen but an Ace, from which she means she is beyond the categories of male or female as in king or queen.

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Watch the Official Music Video of ‘THE ACE’ at 9xm.tv


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Visit Kaki‘s profile at :

Talentsofworld | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

Visit Dj Audiotrackerz‘s profile at :

Instagram Beatport | Spotify

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