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ONUKA breaks into International graphs after Eurovision show

ONUKA’s unmistakable sound is a natural blend of Electronics,Modern Pop and Ukrainian Folk customs.

ONUKA was formed by two broadly eminent Ukrainian artists: Eugen Filatov and Nata Zhyzhchenko. ONUKA’s unmistakable sound is a natural blend of Electronics,Modern Pop and Ukrainian Folk customs.


Nata Zhyzhchenko’s most prominent achievement might be intertwining Ukrainian vestige with electronic innovation and reacting to the occasions. Nata, the main lady of the band ONUKA, is one of the most brilliant pop social wonders of 21st century Ukraine. She is a performer able to do amicably mixing people customs with metropolitan sounds. She is an entertainer who additionally makes pictures and ideas as much she does melodies. What’s more, she is one of the courageous women of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, the artist whose collection “Vidlik” has arrived at the diagrams in ten nations.

Other group members are  Daryna Sert (keyboardist and backing vocalist), Mariya Sorokina (percussionist) and Yevhen Yovenko (banduryst). ONUKA have – for the absolute first time – interpreted the lavishness of Ukraine’s Heritage into contemporary structures, just for a lot more extensive crowd.

ONUKA’s Music

ONUKA, in a real sense signifies “granddaughter,” which is committed to Nata’s granddad, a man who gave as long as he can remember to making customary Ukrainian instruments. The bandura, sopilka and trembita are on the whole customary Ukrainian instruments that are as yet unclear to the overall population. ONUKA’s debut EP ‘Look’ appeared in May 2014 and immediately jumped to the # 1 position in the Ukrainian Itunes lists. The album followed in October with the same range in the hit list of Itunes.

The band presently has multiple million perspectives on Youtube and has effectively won a few prizes including ‘Disclosure Of The Year’ (Kiss FM, the most well known radio broadcast in Ukraine) and an ‘ELLE Style Award for Musician Of The Year’. In front of an audience, the pair acquires a full band that plays consoles, drums, customary woodwind, two trombones, French horn, bandura and other conventional Ukrainian instruments and samplers.

ONUKA delivered a second EP, Vidlik on February 8, 2016. The EP incorporates five tracks: Svitanok, Vidlik, Other (Intro), Other, and 19 86. In May 2017, ONUKA became a special guest of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, the performance caused a great commotion among the European public. Within a few days, the EP VIDLIK topped the Hit lists in many European countries, including the Netherlands. Since the band formation ONUKA has given more than 100 concerts in Ukraine.

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