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Ptakh_Jung : Kyiv Based Music Duo

Ptakh_Jung is a Kyiv based duo of musicians and composers Anton Degtyarev (keyboards) and Volodymyr Babushkin (guitar),that creates music on the edge of electronic, academical music, post-rock, ambient, elements of grunge and noise. They define their genre as electronic impressionism. This term means electronic music which impresses the audience as deep as if it was classical.


Their performances are full of melodic drama and cinematic tension, based on rich piano passages, electronic polyrhythmic drawings and intense guitar playing.

Debut EP Black Period released in November 2018 year got an “album of the year” nomination according to the biggest Ukrainian music media comma.com.ua.

Ptakh_Jung : Kyiv Based Music Duo

“Black Period  it’s an absolutely gorgeous piece of music. It’s plucked from their Ptakh_Jung debut EP which came out in 2018 and they remain an underground concern but definitely have the potential to do some damage overseas and earn some ace festival slots at places such as Transmusicales and Sonar, who recognize quality electronic music.”

Ptakh_Jung : Kyiv Based Music Duo

Ptakh_Jung is the author of music for many contemporary Ukrainian films, including “The Invisible Battalion”, “There are no obvious manifestations”, as well as the film “When Trees Fall”, which was presented at the Berlinale. The Ptakh_Jung Art Arsenal will feature a joint audio-visual performance with VJ Reinish. The concert is part of the Music Outdoors program on the Summer Stage of the Art Arsenal.

Ptakh_Jung : Kyiv Based Music Duo

Since 2019  the band started touring abroad. They played at the festivals Ment Ljubljana, Sharpe Bratislava, Tauron Nowa Muzyka (Poland), Beseda u Bigbitu (Czech Republic), BUSH (Budapest) also they had solo concerts in Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, Brno. Ptakh_Jung’s music got inspiring reviews at British Gigwise, Drowned in Sound, Undertheradar magazines and Czech Full Moon Magazine.

Ptakh_Jung : Kyiv Based Music Duo

Ptakh_Jung actively collaborates with the Ukrainian cinema archive of Dovzhenko Center, they’ve created and played live soundtrack for mute archive movies. In 2019 they’ve collaborated with Balletto Teatro di Torino and together performed CONCEPT #1 project in Kyiv.

In 2019 Ptakh_Jung collaborated with Ukrainian Institute and created a soundtrack for 3-D mapping which represented the Year of Ukraine in Austria.

In 2020 Ptakh_Jung released a first video clip to track Monika from their debut EP. It is a short film that reveals the story of the young ravers of Ukraine. The video clip was premiered in cinemas in Kyiv, during the Berlinale Weekend.


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