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Rapper Krishna Kaul aka KR$NA: I can’t control what people think about my songs

Rapper Krishna Kaul is “happy and proud” about his latest song release, Mera Joota Hai Japani, making history as the first rap video ever shot in Tokyo. He tells us, “It was super fun and amazing to shoot in Tokyo. Our entire crew was Japanese; no local team, only me and my manager were Indians there,” adding, “The team had translators to put our point across if it was tough. We got the whole vibe of Tokyo in the whole song.”

Krishna Kaul on latest song

The track, which starts with the original classic but takes a refreshing turn later on, has been receiving “positive feedback” from audiences. “People are really liking it because I haven’t messed with the original a lot. It’s a refreshing take on the song,” he shares. “Many young people are not even exposed to this song. So, it’s an opportunity for them to go back and listen to it. Some people might have the original stuck in their mind, but a refreshment is required sometimes. In fact, Mukesh, who sung the original has also been credited. People can have their opinions, there is no problem in that. Hip hop and rap are becoming a thing even in India now, so the song brings us in the modern era to a new audience.”

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Acknowledging the potential backlash that artists often face when reinventing classics, Kaul remains pragmatic about differing opinions. “Honestly, artists have to face some negativity with every song, you cannot please everyone. You can just do your version of it with the best effort,” he says, adding, “It is up to whoever decides to listen and I can’t control that. There are people who will love it, but then there will be people who feel original should have been left original.”

“There are lots of Bollywood songs that are refreshed versions of old songs and they have received the trolling. But, I feel like I haven’t done what they do, I have not taken the entire song and made some new version of it. This is a rap song, it doesn’t sound like I have covered the song. I can’t control what people think or not think,” the artiste concludes.

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