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Sam Tinnesz : Nashville Singer | Songwriter

Sam Tinnesz: Artist + Songwriter

Sam Tinnesz : Nashville Singer | Songwriter

Early Life

Sam Tinnesz is a Nashville singer-songwriter who formed the band Wave & Rome before shifting to a solo career in alternative pop.He used to be the guitarist for MIKESCHAIR and is credited for writing for many well-known artists such as Skillet, Jordan Feliz, VERIDIA, and more.As a singer, he has worked on many projects. His single “Hold on for Your Life” went viral on Spotify.

Sam Tinnesz : Nashville Singer | Songwriter


You have most likely heard his voice and musicand not even known it because his songs often find homes in the most widely viewed shows on television.Including Riverdale, All American, and World of Dance, in pro sports broadcasting like NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and UFC.His songs are also used in national ads for companies such as Toyota, Samsung, Jeep, and Target, and many more.  His work as a solo artist has also  been featured in many movie trailers, leading up to his 2017 debut album, Babel. On the side, Tinnesz provides vocals for the alternative pop band WΛVE & ROME and his electro-pop project with Josh Silverberg, Ghost Machines.His music was also featured in the trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Hunger Games.

Sam Tinnesz : Nashville Singer | SongwriterFrom his exposure in TV and film, he has amassed an impressive fan base- rabid and waiting for the next musical offering. These fans have earned Sam massive streaming numbers like over 150 million streams on “Play With Fire,” over 200k subscribers on YouTube and a monthly reach of over 2.4 million listeners on Spotify.

Sam Tinnesz : Nashville Singer | Songwriter

While He skillfully crafts his own artistry, he has also managed to lend a hand to other giants in the TV and film genre such as Ruelle (2018 Billboard #1 most synced artist), Fleurie, and Tommee Profitt. The evolution of Sam’s writing in 2019 and 2020 has led to impressive pop cuts and features with artists like Kygo (Don’t Give Up On Love feat. Sam Tinnesz), Banners, and Daniella Mason. As a wholly independent artist, Sam has amassed over 150 million streams on his debut Babel LP.  Sam recently released a highly anticipated album, “White Doves + Warplanes (Deluxe)” with the support of Warner Music Group’s ADA.


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