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Sara Dastjani : International Actress and Model

Sara Dastjani –Superstrata

Sara Dastjani-Talentsofworld

Sara Dastjani is an international actress and model with Persian roots.She grew up in Stuttgart and currently lives in Los Angeles. From a very young age, the now 31-year-old was in demand as a model, later engagements in film and TV productions followed. Starting with small roles like in Serge Levin’s US independent drama “Superstrata”.Sara has been fortunate enough to show off her talent as an actress and model in the industry not just in Germany but worldwide.

Sara Dastjani-Talentsofworld

Early Life

She says she  always knew that she wanted to become an actress. she was on stage all her childhood, somtimes as a ballerina, as a pianist, in school musicals or at the kids theatre. she took acting classes in Germany and realized that this is what she want to do. So she moved over 5 years ago from Germany to LA by herself.

She could barely speak English. She studied at the New York Film Academy: Acting for Film and after that she studied at the Stella Adler Academy: Acting for Theater. It changed her a lot.  A lot of people  laughed when she told them that she want to become an actress and move to LA.People used to say that its impossible for her to be an actress with her accent. She work on that accent with her coach for 3 years every week. That was the toughest part for her.

Sara’s hard work has allowed her to become a working actress in the industry building an impressive portfolio for herself. She has worked on a number of TV shows, feature films, comedy series and prominent music videos alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.

Sara’s talent and beauty has allowed her to build her brand not only as an actress but as a big social media influencer having hundreds of thousands of followers. On top of it all she currently has her own show “Real Talk” where she is a podcast host.

Sara Dastjani-Talentsofworld


Sara Dastjani-Talentsofworld


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