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SB19’s ” I Want You”


SB19 is a Filipino boy band that debuted in 2018 under the management of ShowBT Philippines. The group consists of five members: Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin. They gained popularity through their music, particularly in the genre of K-pop.

SB19 is known for their energetic performances, impressive dance routines, and powerful vocal abilities. They incorporate elements of K-pop into their music, while also infusing Filipino influences. Their music style can be described as a blend of pop, R&B, and hip-hop.

SB19's " I Want You"

The group's name, SB19, stands for "Sound Break 2019," symbolizing their goal to break through the music industry with their unique sound. They released their debut single "Tilaluha" in 2018, followed by "Go Up" in 2019, which became a viral hit and helped them gain widespread attention.

SB19's popularity soared with the release of their single "Alab (Burning)" in 2019, which topped local music charts and garnered millions of views on YouTube. The group has since released several successful singles, including "Hanggang Sa Huli," "Ikako," and "What?," which further solidified their position in the Philippine music scene.

In addition to their musical achievements, SB19 has also received recognition for their contributions to the industry. They won numerous awards, including the New Artist of the Year at the 2020 MYX Awards and the New Wave Award at the 2020 Asia Song Festival.

SB19's " I Want You"

SB19 has a strong and dedicated fanbase known as A'TIN (short for "A Teenager in a New Era"). The group has consistently shown appreciation for their fans and often engages with them through social media platforms and fan events.

SB19 released the trailer for their upcoming EP, "Pagtatag" on April 30. The trailer featured the group alongside actor Pepe Herrera and also revealed the schedule for their world tour, which includes multiple stops in various cities across the Philippines, United States, and Canada. The tour will commence in Manila on June 24-25, followed by shows in North America in July and August. Some of the cities they will visit in the United States and Canada include Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Edmonton.

On May 19, SB19 released their latest single titled "GENTO." The song incorporates a catchy wordplay, intertwining "ganito" (like this), "ginto" (gold), and "gento," the Caviteño term for "ganito." It conveys a powerful message about the group's growth, highlighting years of refinement akin to the process of transforming raw material into gold. "GENTO" draws inspiration from the concept of incremental and everyday actions leading to success and change. It emphasizes that even the simplest acts can contribute to significant achievements.

SB19's " I Want You"

Furthermore, on June 3, SB19 made their debut on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. Their single "GENTO" entered the chart at No. 8, marking their first top 10 placement. The song's debut on the World Digital Song Sales chart was the second-highest of that week, coming in just behind Enhypen's "Bite Me" at No. 7.

The P-pop boy group dropped the music video for "I Want You," the second single from their just-released extended play "Pagtatag."SB19 took the sultry route with the track that describes what sexy is, and the music video that shows the members drenched and underwater.SB19 members Ken, Justin, Josh, Pablo, and Stell are preparing for their second world tour to promote their EP "Pagtatag!" The tour will commence with a two-night concert at the Araneta Coliseum on June 24 and 25.The EP features several tracks, including "Crimzone," "Ilaw," "Liham," and "Freedom."Additionally, as part of their tour, SB19 is scheduled to perform in Canada and the United States.

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