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Spencer Sutherland : Singer-songwriter

Spencer Sutherland (born August 31, 1992) is an American pop and R&B singer-songwriter from Pickerington, Ohio who participated in Series 14 of The X Factor.

Spencer Sutherland : Singer-songwriter

Spencer Sutherland (born August 31, 1992) is an American pop and R&B singer-songwriter from Pickerington, Ohio and based in LA who participated in Series 14 of The X Factor.In a world where pop music is at its most saturated, Spencer is a breath of fresh. He released his debut single “Heartstrings” on December 10, 2013, then released his second single “Nothing Can Hurt Me” on January 7, 2015, from his debut acoustic EP titled Unveiled and was released on January 13, 2015. In 2016, he released “Selfish”. He co-wrote on Emblem3’s EP titled Forever Together.

 His ability to fuse his neo-soul falsetto crooning and biting, relatable lyrics with bombastic modern beats, swaggering electric licks and a retro, stripped-down production is making a splash across multiple airwaves. His debut EP, NONE of this has been about you, dropped in March and has gathered over five million global streams to date, with candid, charming videos for singles like “Sweater,” “Wallpaper,” and “Freaking Out” gathering hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. 

Sutherland first made a splash on the scene in 2017, having been selected by iHeart Radio’s Elvis Duran as The Today Show’s Artist of the Month and riding his smash “Selfish” to prime spots on Apple Music Pop Playlists, Sirius XM’s-Venus, Spotify, Pandora, and more. The first American to make it into the UK X Factor’s Top 12, he has also set sail on his own headlining club tours and recently returned from a slot on Jack & Jack’s “Good Friends Are Nice” arena tour. If that sounds like a whirlwind, Sutherland downplays that sentiment, embracing his successes and learning from his experiments to add fuel to his fiery passion for performing, creating, and bringing his earnest sound to the masses.

“What I’ve learned so far is to be a real person,” Sutherland says. “When I first started singing I tried to be something I wasn’t; I wore masks trying to be a pop star and it never connected. I was confused. But when I figured out who I was as a person, I figured out who I was as an artist. It was all about being genuine all the time. It’s really important to be yourself.”

His track “Wonder” released in Nov, 2020 and with its dreamy beats and reflective lyrics, it’s a track that is quintessentially Spencer.When asked about the track, Sutherland states “Wonder is a very honest song that encapsulates overthinking. All the lyrics are asking questions internally, and these are the exact questions I ask myself—I wonder if I’m still myself, cause lately I’m acting like someone else.”

“My work is like a snapshot in time. The EP title, ‘NONE of this has been about you,’ really encompasses all these vibes together. Essentially it’s about me going through this thing, and I can’t be together with someone during it…the classic ‘it’s not you it’s me thing.’ When you pair that old-school sentiment with the selfie generation, it’s a subtle reminder to look outside yourself for once. And take the distinct sounds on the record—on one song we tried to mimic a snare from a 1957 Elvis song, on “Sweater” I have a big Prince influence, “Wallpaper” has a beat like a Foster the People song and a guitar squeal like a hair band. I love taking things that don’t belong and putting them in pop music. I describe my music as alternative soul/pop—I’m a pop artist, but left-of-center for sure.”

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